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Vocabulario. Ayudar: To help Contar (o-ue) (sus problemas a alguien) To tell.

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Presentación del tema: "Vocabulario. Ayudar: To help Contar (o-ue) (sus problemas a alguien) To tell."— Transcripción de la presentación:

1 Vocabulario

2 Ayudar: To help

3 Contar (o-ue) (sus problemas a alguien) To tell

4 Dar ♥ yo doy To give

5 Dejar Usar su coche To let/allow To use your car

6 Invitar a salir To invite to go out

7 Llamar To call

8 Mandar (un mensaje de texto) To send

9 Pagar To pay

10 Pedir (e-i) To ask for

11 Prestar(dinero) To lend

12 Los pronombres objetos ME y TE

13 Parts of Speech Grammatically speaking, the verb (V) is the action in the sentence. The subject (S) is the doer of the action. The direct object (DO) is the recipient of the action. – To determine the DO, ask: what? Or who? Is being “verbed”

14 Examples in English I called her yesterday. He sent the letter. We ate the pizza. SV DO

15 Los objetos directos en español In Spanish, the direct object pronouns for “me” and “you” are “me” and “te” (respectively). To use them, the are placed IN FRONT OF the conjugated verb (which is still conjugated based on the subject). However, in a 2-verb situation, you can place it before the conjugated verb, or attach it to the end of the infinitive.

16 Ejemplos en español Mis padres me ayudan mucho. ¿Tus compañeros te invitan a salir? ¡Te llamo después! Mi trabajo me paga bien. ¿Vas a llamarme mañana? Quiero ayudarte. S OD V OD S/V S OD V S/V V/OD

17 Indirect Objects An indirect object (IO) tells to whom or for whom the action of the verb is done and/or who is receiving the direct object (i.e. a gift, advice, a request, gossip, a message, etc.) Ask: What is being verbed?... To or for whom? Examples in English. – My dad sent me a letter. – I´ll tell you the story later. – He sent you flowers. S V IO DO S V IO OD

18 Objectos Indirectos en español Just like direct object pronouns, indirect object pronouns go in front of the conjugated verb or at the end of an infinitive. Ejemplos: – Mi novio me da regalos. – ¿Tus padres te prestan dinero? – Mis amigos quieren darme buenos consejos. S OI V OD S V V/OI OD

19 traducciones My mom helps me a lot. Your brother gives you good advice. I am going to lend you ten dollars. Will you send me a text? Mi mamá me ayuda mucho. Tú hermano te da buenos consejos. Te voy a prestar/Voy a prestarte 10 dólares. ¿Me mandas un mensaje de texto?

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