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Welcome back to School Ms. Martinez

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1 Welcome back to School Ms. Martinez
Bienvenidos de regreso a la escuela Señora Martinez

2 Classroom’s Rules Reglas y procedimientos de la clase

3 Homeroom’s Rules Attendance will be taken from 8:00 to 8:05
If must wear your uniform Absolutely no eating in class is to be permitted If you are absent for a couple of days, you will need a note from administration to be allow in the classroom.

4 1-You must be respectful with teacher and classmate
1-You must be respectful with teacher and classmate. You must raise your hand to participate in class. You should enter and exit the room quietly. Debes que ser respectuoso/a con la profesora y tus compañeros de clase. Debes levantar la mano para participar en clase. Tienes que entrar y salir en silencio de el salón.

5 2. You should come to class on time; otherwise you must bring a pass from previous class, main office, counselor or case manager. If arrive to class late write your name at the board (We will speak later) Debes llegar a la clase a tiempo, de lo contrario tienes que traer un pase de la clase anterior, de la oficina, tu consejero o de tu trabajador social. Si llegas tarde escribe tu nombre en la pizarra (Hablamos luego).

6 3. You should come to class prepared with supplies ( binder, paper, pen, and pencil).
Debes estar preparado con tus utiles escolares. Necesitas una carpeta, papel, lapiz y boligrafo.

7 4. As soon as you enter the classroom start working on your “Do Now”
4. As soon as you enter the classroom start working on your “Do Now”. You must complete your assignments on time. Homework must be completed as assigned. . Tan pronto entres en el salón debes empezar a trabajar en tu “Hazlo ahora” Tienes que completar tu trabajo a tiempo. La tarea debe ser completada como fue asignada

8 Consequences Consecuencias
Lose team’s privileges-work individually- Pierde los privilegios de trabajar con un compañero y trabaja individual. Call home-Llamar a los padres Parent conference-Conferencia con los padres Comply with community services - parent will seat on classroom . Hacer servicios comunitarios-Padres estarán en una clase con el alumno.

9 Permissions’ Procedure Procedimieto para permisos
First Check if the pass is available. Quietly raise two finger to be allow to go out of the classroom (Bathroom-Office- Media Center). Sign out the notebook before and after returning the classroom. Primero mira si el pase está disponible Despacio levanta dos dedo para tener el permiso de salir del salón de clase. (Baño, Oficina-Salón de computadoras). Firma el cuaderno al salir y regresar a la clase.

10 Ms. Martinez Grading System is base on :
1.-Classwork (Do now, classroom activities and, class participation) % 2.- Homework % 3.- Tests and quizzes % Total % The date of the quizzes and test will always be given in advance to allow you to prepare with enough time.

11 Project and Portfolio assignment
100 %

12 I am recommending the following:
Finally ask for extra help if you do not understand something. Do not way until the last minute. Trying is the key, accuracy, proficiency, and fluency will come with time. Be patient and persistent. Making mistake is part of the learning process. We will have an exciting year working together and exploring the Spanish language.

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