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Los Verbos Capítulo 1 Parte 2.

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1 Los Verbos Capítulo 1 Parte 2

2 Conjugation A. Repaso: - A verb tells the action of a sentence. ex: run or sing - or a word like am, is, or are that links the subject to a description. Yo soy de Venezuela. ¿De dónde eres? I am from Venezuela. Where are you from?

3 What does ‘conjugated’ mean?
Conjugation the process of changing a verb to tell who is doing the action and to place it in time (tense) Conjugation tells us who and when. Ex: I walk to town. Mary and I walked to town.

4 Ser “To be” is one of the most important verbs in both English and Spanish. Ser is a verb in the infinitive form - this means the verb has not been conjugated - it has the word “to” in front of it Ser = “to be.” Every sentence in Spanish must have a conjugated verb Ex: Juan es mi amigo.

5 SER - to be Nosotros Nosotras Ellos Ellas Ustedes somos son I am You are He is She is soy eres es We are They are You all are Yo El Ella Usted

6 In Spanish, a verb has different forms to tell you who the subject is.
Ex: Yo soy la profesora. Soy inteligente. Juan es mi amigo. Es de Doylestown.

7 Practica Match the conjugated forms of SER with their corresponding subject pronouns. Write the letter on the line.  _____1. Es A. yo _____2. Eres B. nosotros _____3. Somos C. tú _____4. Son D. él _____5. Soy E. ellas

8 Nouns and names of people
With nouns and names of people, use the same form of ser as for él/ella or ellos/ellas. Mi profesora es de Cuba. Juan y Carlos son de España.

9 Negation: No To make a sentence negative, place no in front of the verb Mi profesora no es de Cuba. Juan y Carlos no son de España.

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