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Subject pronouns and ser

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1 Subject pronouns and ser
VERBS Subject pronouns and ser

2 Verbs What are verbs? What are infinitives? Verbs are ___________ words. For example, to ______, to ________ are action words. ACTION RUN JUMP Infinitives are ________________ verbs. In English, they usually have “to” in front of them. UNCONJUGATED

3 Infinitives For example, to _____________, to ___________, to __________________. In Spanish infinitives end in –ar, -er, or –ir. For example, all of the following are infinitives from this chapter. alquilar andar aprender beber comer comprar descansar dibujar escribir escuchar DANCE SING BE

4 Conjugations What does conjugate mean?
Conjugate means to change the verb so it fits into a SENTENCE. For example, we would not say “I to be”. So we conjugate it to: “I am.”

5 Subject pronouns What are subject pronouns?
Subject pronouns are the nouns that are the subject of the sentence. ________ did the job. You could fill in the space with, I, he, she, we…all of which are subject pronouns. WE What is an example of a subject pronoun?

6 English subject pronouns
Singular Plural 1st person I We Someone else and I 2nd person You (informal) You all/Ya’ll Someone elseand you 3rd person He She You (formal) It They You all (formal) Its/Things

7 Spanish subject pronouns
Singular Plural 1st person Yo = Nosotros =We Name y yo =Pedro and I 2nd person Tú = Vosotros =You all Name y tú = Ana and you 3rd person Él = Ella= Usted = Ana = La chica = 6. La casa = Ellos = Ellas = Ustedes = Ana y Pepe = Las chicas = Las casas = I You He They (m) She They (f) You (formal) You all Someone 2 people Noun Plural noun It/Thing Things

8 The verb SER What does ser mean? To be (permanent)
What is it used with? It is used with PROFESSIONS, to describe your ORIGIN, to describe your physical CHARACTERISTICS.

9 What are the Spanish conjugations of ser?
Singular Plural 1st person Yo soy I am Nosotros somos Ana y yo somos We are 2nd person Tú eres You (inf.) are Vosotros sois You all are 3rd person Él es He is Ella es She is Usted es You are Ellos son They are Ellas son Ustedes son

10 2. Ella _________________ 3. Tú __________________
Write the correct conjugation of the verb ser on the line next to the subject. Yo _________________ 2. Ella _________________ 3. Tú __________________ 4. Ellos ________________ 5. Ustedes______________ 6. Él ___________________ 7. Nosotros _____________ 8. Vosotras _____________ 9. Ellas _________________ 10. Usted ________________ 11. Juan __________________ 12. Margarita y usted ____________ 13. Ana y yo _______________ 14. Nosotras _______________ 15. Alejandro y tú _______________ Soy Eres Es Somos Sois Son

11 Uses (profession) El chico es estudiante. The boy is a student.
(profession) La mujer es doctora. The woman is a doctor. (profession) Nosotros somos estudiantes. We are students. (origin) Yo soy de Cuba. I am from Cuba. (origin) Él es de Guam. He is from Guam. (origin) Tú eres de México. You are from Mexico.

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