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Los verbos que terminan en –er /-ir

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1 Los verbos que terminan en –er /-ir

2 Algunos verbos terminados en -er
aprender beber torcer(se) sorprender perder volver to learn to drink to twist to surprise to lose to return (to a place)

3 comer romper(se) vender responder encender devolver to eat to break to sell to respond to light; to turn on an appliance to return (something)

4 caber toser caer(se) recoger coger doler saber to fit to cough to fall to pick up; gather to take (grasp) to hurt to know (information)

5 conocer resolver querer traer hacer ver ser to know (be familiar) to solve to want (love) to bring to make; to do to see to be

6 tener coser mover(se) valer entender comprender nacer to have to sew to move to be worth (cost) to understand to be born

7 llover oler poner(se) to rain to smell to put, place; put on; become

8 Algunos verbos terminados en -ir
escribir subir(se) recibir decidir compartir to write to go up; to raise; to get up onto to receive to decide to share

9 vivir abrir salir cumplir reunir(se) to live to open to leave to complete (to turn an age) to get together

10 mentir medir construir cubrir ir to lie to measure to build to cover to go

11 descubrir oír venir decir seguir to discover to hear to come to say; to tell to follow

12 conseguir sugerir elegir prohibir reír(se) to obtain; to get to suggest to choose to prohibit to laugh

13 herir destruir corregir sonreír(se) to wound to destroy to correct to smile

14 servir repetir vestir(se) divertir(se) morir to serve to repeat to dress (get dressed) to enjoy oneself (have fun) to die

15 pedir despedir(se) dormir morirse de hambre/de sed to ask for; request; order in a restaurant to fire; to say goodbye to sleep to die of hunger/thirst (not literally)

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