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Welcome to Back to School Night 2011 AP Spanish

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1 Welcome to Back to School Night 2011 AP Spanish
Kimberly Verdugo

2 What are we doing this year?
Listening – Podcasts, short dialogues, long narratives Speaking – Group discussions, presentations, personal interviews Reading – authentic articles, literature, essays Writing – messages, letters, note-taking, essays Please Note: There is no specific material to “study” for the Spanish Language Exam

3 AP Exam Practice Most classes will begin with exam practice
Brief message – interpersonal writing Short Dialogue – followed by multiple choice questions for comprehension Reading – authentic articles, comprehension and note-taking Interpersonal Conversation Long Narrative – comprehension and note-taking

4 How will students be evaluated?
Comprehension – 30% Interpersonal – 30% Presentational – 30% Participation and Work Habits – 10%

5 Reading List Eduardo Galeano – Selected Excerpts
Isabel Allende – Dos palabras Julio Cortázar – La noche boca arriba Gabriel García Márquez – Un día de estos Juan Rulfo – No oyes ladrar los perros Tomás Rivera – Y no se lo tragó la tierra

6 Poetry Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz - México
Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer – España José Martí – Cuba Antonio Machado – España Pablo Neruda – Chile Alfonsina Storni – Argentina Rubén Darío – Nicaragua

7 Homework Monthly presentation on Spanish speaking country
Monthly homework packets (6 tasks) due at the end of the month (dates on sharepoint) Fiction Current events article Entertainment or news program Interpersonal writing Opinion journal Reflection

8 Sharepoint I post the class agenda on Share Point every day
Assignments and assessments can be found on the Share Point calendar Handouts can be downloaded Internet sites are posted The best way to contact me is via

9 Sra. Verdugo’s Rules Be Independent (self-advocate and take responsibility) Work Hard (come to class prepared and participate) Be Nice (respectful and kind to others) A strict No English policy will be enforced.

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