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Subject Pronouns and Ser

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1 Subject Pronouns and Ser

2 Subjects and Verbs The subject of a sentence tells us who is doing the action. The verb tells us what action is taking place in the sentence.

3 Subject Pronouns Subject pronouns are used to discuss people.
A subject pronoun tells who is the subject of the sentence. Subject pronouns can replace names when talking.

4 These are the Subject Prounouns in Spanish
yo nosotros vosotros él ellos ella ellas Ud. Uds.

5 Replace with the correct pronoun:
You (inf) He She They (m) They(f) You guys we You and you Bob and Joe Steve and Suzie You and I Steve and I Rachel and I Mrs. Smith and you

6 Replace with the correct pronoun:
ella ellos ellas nosotros Uds. Ud. Juan Lila Juan y Lila Juan y Pedro Lila y Susana Tú y yo Sra. Gonzales y tú Sra. Gonzales y yo You, Susie You, Sr. Lopez

7 B. Problems With Pronouns
Complete the sentence with the appropriate pronoun. Focus on the verb, determine what form it is and don’t worry if you don’t know all the words. 1. (he) ___________ come todos los tacos. 2. (she) _________ trota a la casa. 3. (I) ________llamo por telefono a mi amiga. 4. (you, informal) ________tienes hambre. 5. (you, plural) ¡ __________apestan! 6. (we women) ______caminamos a la escuela. 7. (they) _________son amigos. 8. (you, formal) ¿________ duerme mucho?

8 1. Which singular Spanish pronoun would you use to address an old pal?
2. How many pronouns does Spanish have for the word “you”? What are they? 3. Which two pronouns are used only in Spain? 4. When referring to a group of men and women, which pronouns can you use? 5. Which pronouns can you abbreviate? 6. Is there a direct Spanish equivalent for the word “it”?

9 Tú- You FAMILIAR You use tú when talking to friends or people who you are on a FIRST NAME basis with. You use tú when you talk to each other, your friends or casual people.

10 Usted- you FORMAL You use USTED when talking to people who you are on a last name basis. The president, doctors, teachers, adults, etc…

11 Usted and Ustedes Usted refers to only one person.
Usted is abbreviated as Ud. Ustedes refers to more than one person. Can be a formal and informal person. Ustedes is abbreviated as Uds.

12 ¿Tú o Usted? The dentist Your best friend Your sister The police
The principal The president Miguel Your teacher Your mom or dad Victoria

13 Subjects Pronouns and Verbs
In Spanish a verb can tell the subject of the sentence all by itself! This happens when you conjugate the verb. However, it is often times necessary to use a subject pronoun to help clarify the conjugation of the verb. Now, lets learn a verb conjugation!

14 SER- TO BE eres soy es soís son somos yo nosotros tú vosotros él ellos
ella ellas Ud. Uds.

15 Vamos a practicar… Choose the correct form of the verb ser for the following subject pronouns. Ellos Ella Yo Juan y María Nosotras José y yo Ustedes You familiar Usted

16 Más práctica Now choose the subject pronoun for each form of the verb SER. Son Eres Es Somos Soy

17 Ser: to tell where you are from
You use ser to tell where people are from. Here is the formula: Subject + Ser + de + country. Ex: Yo soy de Chile. Tú eres de Perú. Ellos son de Honduras.

18 Make into a sentence Yo/Argentina Tú/ Nicaragua Nosotros/ Paraguay
Ellos/Los Estados Unidos El policía/ Cuba La maestra/ Venezuela Los muchachos/ El Salvador Miguel y yo/ Brazil Tú/ México El hombre y la mujer/ Chile

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