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Preparándonos para Windows Vista Pablo Folgueiras Gerente Regional de Producto Windows Ramiro Iturregui Gerente de Socios Desarrolladores Buenos Aires.

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3 Preparándonos para Windows Vista
Pablo Folgueiras Gerente Regional de Producto Windows Ramiro Iturregui Gerente de Socios Desarrolladores Buenos Aires 27 de abril de 2006

4 El gran lanzamiento de nuestra industria
Será el hito más importante de la industria informática desde Windows 95. Hoy estamos en la etapa de difusión a nuestras audiencias: Socios de Negocio, Desarrolladores, Profesionales de Informática, y en sincronización con la industria del hardware. Luego, el lanzamiento junto con Uds, nuestros Socios de Negocio. Versión Empresas (Volume Licensing) Último trimestre de 2006 Versión Consumidor (OEM, FPP) Primer trimestre 2007

5 Versiones Windows Vista
Empresas Consumidor Funcionalidad Here is a review of the plan we presented to you last summer. First- you’ll see the Clear segmentation: Consumer & Business Lines We have also Improved differentiation within customer segments (Good > Better > Best) Build on innovation & investments in MCE & Tablet PC by making these features available more broadly in the Windows Vista Home premium SKU and all SKUs above that Enterprise Edition: Upgrade option for Software Assurance Customers , not available via retail or OEM Final pricing has not been determined, but relative pricing has. One change from previous discussions is there is not a sku specific to small businesses. We changed this strategy for 2 core reasons. First, many small business owners do not consider themselves “small”, so labeling a sku with such prejudice might risk insulting or alienating this very important segment Second, the features required by small businesses are virtually identical to those required by corporate customers. They both need the same security, manage-ability, deploy-ability, and connectivity, so creating a new SKU and the associated additional work for our retail and OEM partners seemed unnecessary. Small businesses may require different services and support, but that can be delivered on top of the actual SKU. Also, Windows starter edition will continue to be available in the Windows Vista timeframe, though it will be restricted to emerging markets, special government purchase programs, and will not carry the Windows Vista name. Precio

6 Nuevo valor en la venta de PC
1.4 M PC aprox se venderán en Argentina durante 2007 (46% para Hogar) 3 de cada 5 se venden con Windows no original Venta de Notebooks creciendo más rápido que venta de Desktops 4 versiones de Vista para Consumidores: Vista Starter Vista Home Basic Vista Home Premium Vista Ultimate Oportunidad: Media Center (el PC, del Dormitorio al Living) Tablet PC (movilidad absoluta) Interfaz gráfica Aero (Windows Display Driver Model) Windows ReadyBoost TM (discos híbridos, más RAM desde un USB) Windows Original (mayor control de la piratería) Hardware en general (


8 Más oportunidad para proyectos de migración
48% de PC en Empresas usan Windows XP en Argentina El otro 52% están principalmente en Windows 2000 y 98 (aprox 1.2 M PCs) Vista tendrá 2 versiones para Empresas: Vista Business Vista Enterprise: sólo por Software Assurance Multilenguaje Virtual PC Express Servicios para Unix Bit Locker: seguridad por hardware

9 ¿ Puedo vender Windows Vista ahora ?
Sí, por supuesto. A través de Software Assurance Forma más económica de disponer de una próxima versión Con beneficios adicionales (eLearning, soporte) Promo para este trimestre: 19% Descuento Upgrade+SA Extensión plazo SA sobre OEM, de 90 a 180 días

10 ¿ Qué hay de nuevo en Windows Vista ?
Confianza User Account Control Windows Defender TM Internet Explorer 7 Antiphishing Parental Controls Windows ReadyDrive TM Sleep Mode Backup and Recovery Tools Windows BitLocker TM Claridad Windows Aero TM Instant Search Windows SuperFetch Windows ReadyBoost TM HD Defragmentation Windows Mail Windows Calendar Windows Sidebar Windows Photo Gallery Windows Media Player 11 Windows Media Center Windows Movie Maker Windows DVD Maker XPS Document Support Internet Explorer 7 RSS Feeds support Conectividad Network Center Windows HotStart Windows Mobility Center Sync Center Windows Tablet PC Windows SideShow TM Group Policy Support Client Side Caching

11 ¿ Qué hay de nuevo en Windows Vista ?
Búsqueda en PC administrador de fotos Media Player 11 Internet Explorer 7 Defender (anti spyware) Windows Mail Windows Calendar interfaz gráfica Aero hibernación en pocos segundos RAM por USB encriptación por hardware una sola imagen ver TV soporte a Tablet PC copia de resguardo control de usuarios por hora y aplicación (control parental) anti phishing formato XPS Sidebar RSS feeds Super Fetch y mucho más !!!!

12 Windows Vista Novedades
Aero WS-Management User Account Control Restart Manager Sync Center Network Access Protection Windows SideBar Monad Windows Feedback Services Ink Analysis Ad-hoc Meeting Networks Windows Presentation Foundation Secure Startup Reading Pane Windows Imaging Format Protected Mode IE Presentation Settings Parental controls Windows Communication Foundation High Resolution/High DPI Cancelable I/O Registry/File System Virtualization Network Location Awareness Stacks People Near Me MMC 3.0 Single binary Quick Search Shell Property System Power Management Windows Service Hardening Live Icons Crypto Next Generation Glass SuperFetch User Experience Peer Name Resolution Protocol Preview Pane IPv6 Windows Vista Display Driver Model Winlogon Rearchitecture Transactional Registry Windows Resource Protection Search Folders Taskbar Thumbnails Desktop Window Manager User Mode Driver Framework Split Tokens Memory Diagnostics Windows Workflow Foundation Function Discovery API XAML Windows Filtering Platform Startup Repair Toolkit Windows Installer 4.0 Flip3D Open Package Specification Credential Providers Windows Defender New Open/Save Dialogs InfoCard Segoe UI Font RSS Platform Mandatory Integrity Control Transactional File System New Explorers Eventing and Instrumentation Resource Exhaustion Diagnostics Windows Sideshow XML Paper Specification Wizard Framework Windows Disk Diagnostics Confianza | Claridad | Conectividad UI Privilege Isolation

13 Mejoras en fundamentos
Protected Mode in IE7 User Account Protection Full Volume Encryption Apps and Files load faster Fast Startup Sleep state Component Based Setup & Deployment Windows Imaging Format (WIM) Customer Feedback Hardware Monitoring Service Restarts

14 WinFX Desarrollo usando nuevas tecnologías y avances en hardware
Mejor productividad para desarrollo Mejor seguridad, deployment y administración Reuso de capacidades y conocimientos actuales Nuevo modelo de programación sobre Windows, WinFX™ Construído sobre .NET Framework

15 WinFX: Subsistemas Windows Communication Foundation
Windows Workflow Foundation Windows Presentation Foundation Tres tecnologías claves para desarrollo de soluciones que vendrán como parte de Windows Vista Disponibles en Windows XP y Windows Server 2003 Disponibles hoy en CTP (Community Technology Preview) de Febrero para empezar a probar

16 Ejemplo de la conectividad en la vida cotidiana:
Pc + notebook + wireless + celular + pocketPC Ejemplo de alquiler en musimundo

17 Windows Communication Foundation
Framework unificado para construir aplicaciones orientadas a servicios sobre plataforma Windows Unificación de los modelos de programación distribuída disponibles hoy Interoperabilidad entre plataformas Soporta caracteristicas SOA

18 Ejemplo de time to market

19 Workflow Workflow en todos lados Siguiente paso En cada “if”
En transiciones páginas Web En lógica condicional… Siguiente paso Lógica compleja de workflow fuera de las aplicaciones Capturar esa lógica en un sistema Exponer este sistema a desarrolladores

20 Windows Workflow Foundation
Framework extensible & API para construir productos centrados en workflow Tecnología de workflow para Windows Parte fundamental de las caracteristicas de workflow de Office 2007

21 Windows® Presentation Foundation
Habilitar desarrollos con mejores UX Ejemplo de los websites de las inmobiliarias

22 Windows Presentation Foundation
Unificación de modelos de UI: Formularios, Controles, Media, Documentos Motor Vectorial: Utilizando el poder de gráficos del PC Programación Declarativa: Diseñadores/Autores de UI trabajando con desarrolladores de aplicaiones Deployment Sencillo Despliegue y administración de las apliaciones de forma confiable y segura Context: These are the four goals of Avalon – next few slides drill down further on each of them. Building UI, graphics, documents and media into a single environment: providing a richer experience by unifying these together, allowing them to be integrated in a far deeper way than before, and reducing the number of APIs developers have to track by putting things into a single managed object-orientated interface. Rich graphics processors woefully underused by modern applications. 128MB memory, rich 3D capabilities. Avalon takes advantage of these capabilities using a DirectX-based model. Vector- rather than bitmap-based, supports high-dpi, double buffering. Declarative and procedural programming supported for designers and developers to do what they want to do. Need to make it as easy as “clicking on a link” to deploy an Avalon application: either via a browser or via a standalone app.

23 Riqueza vs. Complejidad – Tecnologías de Presentación Microsoft
ASP.NET “Atlas” Alcance Windows Presentation Foundation Riqueza Optimizada & Alcance ASP.NET 2.0 (HTML) Windows Forms 2.0 Productividad Desarrollo Win32 DHTML (AJAX) Direct 3D v10 Riqueza Direct 3D v9 Riqueza en UX

24 Windows Vista - Conclusiones
Mejoras y novedades en sus fundamentos Nueva eXperiencia de usuario UX Nuevos subsistemas para desarrolladores Nuevas oportunidades para empresas de desarrollo Microsoft is building on the incredible foundation put in place over the last five years with Web services, Microsoft .NET tools and runtimes and the industry ecosystem around .NET. The developer community has responded, with over half of all professional developers in the world using .NET today Microsoft is delivering a platform to expand the possibilities for computing and create new opportunities for developers The call to action to developers is that it is now time to take the next step and build on that foundation to take software to new heights. The next step for user experiences – to deliver richer, more relevant, more productive experiences that make people more effective and provide more control over your own time and attention. The next step for the PC – delivering a major step forward for the PC through end user and developer advancements with Windows Vista and Office “12” The next step for connected systems – using the Web services architecture to connect applications inside and between organizations faster, cheaper and easier than ever before.  And, redefining workflow so developers can create composite applications that are more transparent and easier to change than every before.

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Demo © Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.

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