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-AR VERBS Español.

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1 -AR VERBS Español

2 An infinitive is the verb form you would find in a dictionary.
na dar’ ( verb) to swim Infinitives in English begin with “to,” as in to be, to do , to have. In Spanish, infinitives always end in –AR, -ER, or –IR.

3 In Spanish, verb forms change to show who is speaking.
In this picture, Susana is talking on the phone. We must make sure that the verb form matches the subject. Let’s take a look at the verb to talk.

4 hablar: (verb) to talk habl-
To use this verb in a sentence, we must take away the –AR ending, to find the stem of the verb. habl- Then, we add verb endings to show who is talking.

5 To show who is talking, we add endings to the stem of the verb….

6 Let’s try to write the forms of
BAILAR (verb) to dance Yo bailo Tú bailas Él/Ella/Ud. baila Nosotros bailamos Ellos/Ella/Uds. bailan

7 Other –AR verbs you will need to know include:
dibujar – to draw comprar – to buy escuchar la música – to listen to music esperar – to wait

8 Look at the forms of COMPRAR below. Click on the correct answer.
YO NOSOTROS a. compras a. compramos b. compro b. compro a. compran b. compras ELLA ELLAS a. compras a. compro b. compra b. compran

9 Yo: b. compro

10 Try again.

11 Nosotros a. compramos

12 TU: b. compras



15 You should have chosen:
YO compro TÚ compras ELLA compra NOSOTROS compramos ELLAS compran

16 Can you name these AR verbs?
descansar en el parque escuchar la música dibujar tomar el refresco comprar

17 How about these AR verbs?
esperar lavar el carro preparar la cena bailar pintar hablar por teléfono

18 Trabajar – to work Regresar a casa

19 One more group…. sacar la basura estudiar montar en bicicleta
mirar la television tocar el piano cantar

20 Remember the verb endings!
a amos as an o

21 іFelicitaciones!

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