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Los días de la semana Vocabulary Practice Kaylor Productions.

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1 Los días de la semana Vocabulary Practice Kaylor Productions

2 Key things to remember about days of the week in Spanish. Days of the week are never capitalized in Spanish. The calendar week begins with Monday and ends with Sunday. The word week is feminine (la semana) but days of the week are always masculine. One never uses the word on with a day of the week. The definite article is used to imply that something happens on a certain day. el lunes = on Monday meaning this week only El viernes mis amigos y yo vamos al cine para ver una película. los lunes = on Mondays meaning a recurring or habitual activity that happens every Monday. Los lunes mis amigos y yo vamos a la escuela.

3 For this review you will need a piece of paper and a pencil. Read the English word or phrase. Write down the Spanish equivalent including an indefinite article. Check your work! Spelling counts and accents are a part of spelling. Click to the next slide to check your work. If you made a mistake write it three times correctly to cement the correct answer in your mind.

4 Saturday

5 sábado

6 Tuesday

7 martes

8 Thursday

9 jueves

10 Monday

11 lunes

12 Wednesday

13 miércoles

14 Friday

15 viernes

16 Sunday

17 domingo

18 Choose the day of the week that fits the following definitions.

19 Es el día entre martes y jueves.

20 miércoles

21 Es el primer día de la semana.

22 lunes

23 Es el ultímo día de las clases.

24 viernes

25 Es el día después de lunes.

26 martes

27 Son los días del fin de semana.

28 sábado y domingo

29 Es una cosa que tiene siete días.

30 una semana

31 Es el día antes de viernes.

32 jueves

33 On Tuesdays my brother takes out the trash.

34 Los martes mi hermano saca la basura.

35 On Wednesday we are going to the park.

36 El miércoles vamos al parque.

37 On Fridays my family and I eat at a restaurant.

38 Los viernes mi familia y yo comemos al restaurante.

39 On Thursday we have a test in Spanish class.

40 El jueves tenemos un examen en la clase de español.

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