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Character NameAlisha Actor NameZoé Who I am Different ethnicity- my parents are Indian but I was born in the U.S.A, not accepted by the popular girls,

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Presentación del tema: "Character NameAlisha Actor NameZoé Who I am Different ethnicity- my parents are Indian but I was born in the U.S.A, not accepted by the popular girls,"— Transcripción de la presentación:

1 Character NameAlisha Actor NameZoé Who I am Different ethnicity- my parents are Indian but I was born in the U.S.A, not accepted by the popular girls, very sensitive. Back Story Ive changed school a few times nobody knows why. Always being bothered by the other girls, I get very bad grades, and If you get to know me well Im funny. Glee is the only part of my day that makes me feel special and confident. My Friends I hate: popular girls. Friends: Charlotte, Ashley? Thanks to Glee get to know more people and I start being more sociable. My Style I like being different, I love wearing shiny and colorful clothes. Lady Gaga inspirers me, she shows me how to be myself. My style of music is pop. My talentsCrafty, Singing, creating new things…

2 Character NameCameron Actor NameJavier Desantes Who I amGood student, unsecure about his sexuality, member of the Glee club once accepted Back Story My father died and I had to move with my Mother to Alicante. The change of School was very difficult, because they didnt accept my socially, mainly because I have a very homosexual-like-style. However, I discover later on my homosexuality. I wanted to join the Glee Club to feel accepted in School. My Friends Long –term: My Mother New Friends: Daniel, Antonia I dont tolerate Mike My Style I love classic music and opera. I love to wear clothes that are extremely expensive even if I am at home. I am a little bit shy but I dont change my style even if nobody likes it. My talentsGreat singer, loyal friend, very affectionate and affable.

3 Nombre del personaje Cameron Nombre del actorJavier Desantes Quien soyBuen estudiante, inseguro sobre sus gustos sexuales, miembro del Glee Club una vez aceptado. Mi historia La muerte de mi padre ha obligado a mi madre y a mí a huir a otra ciudad. Mi llegada a Alicante no ha sido como mi madre me había prometido. En vez de encontrarme con un grupo de amigos que me aceptasen como soy, ya al primer día me atacan unos chulos del colegio. Me cuesta mucho que me acepten por mi estilo. El Glee Club me salva, porque dentro me siento protegido. Mis amigos Mi mejor amigo: Mi madre. Aunque aun use frases que decía mi padre, mi madre y yo nos juntamos mucho debido a la muerte de él. Ella lo superó gracias a mi, y viceversa. Mi estilo Me encanta la música clásica y la opera. La ropa cara y de marca es mi estilo aunque me tenga que dejar todo mi dinero en ello. Voy bien vestido incluso un domingo por la tarde en mi casa. Mis talentosCanto bien, soy cariñoso y muy pero que muy afectuoso con todo el mundo. En otras palabras, ayudo a todo dios.

4 Character NameDaniel Actor NameNiels Who I amGood student, popular, leader of the Glee Club Back Story I went through primary at the European School and have wanted to start a Glee Club for ages, but it has never quite succeeded. My Parents are together but have to work away a lot so I have become very independent and driven. My Friends Long –term: Jennifer/Charlotte/Simon New Friends: Cameron I tolerate Antonia and Mike My Style I love soul and blues music and try to look the part – Im a bit grunge meets London Student at a rock festival My talentsGreat singer, good motivator and leader, loyal friend

5 Character NameRemy. Actor Name Mackenzie Who I am Fearless. Very approachable, understanding and thoughtfull but hates to be told what to do. Music defines her. Diva. Back Story My dad has had a relationship with a teacher from my former school and now my mum hates all men and wants to protect me. Its a little bit overbearing. I only speak Spanish with my family, I like to speak English with friends. My Friends Have many friends and extremely loyal. My Style I am a diva. Singing is a way of expressing myself and I do it with passion. I love all music but favour RnB. Hates to be told what to do. My talentsSinging and creative.

6 Nombre del personaje Remy Nombre del actorMackenzie Quien soy Adolecente rebelde con mi inteligencia académica escondida, pero mi sarcasmo y agudeza siempre mostrados Mi historia Mi padre ha tenido relaciones con otra profesora de mi colegio y de repente mi madre ya odia los hombres y quiere protegerme de ellos (yo creo que ella solamente quiere separarme de mi padre) estoy muy enfadada con el mundo y tengo un exterior muy duro. pero escondido hay una alma suave y amable. Mis amigosDoy la impresión que no los necesito, pero me gusta proteger a la gente mas vulnerable. Mi estilo Soy una diva. No soy exhibicionista pero yo sé cantar y para mi es una manera de expresarme y siempre canto con pasión. Mi estilo es de Rock Chic con poco interes en las opiniones de los demas. Mis talentosCantar y mi inteligencia

7 Character NameRebecca Actor NameElissa Who I amA cheerleader, Back Story My dad works at a bank so we have no money problems, apart from my mum who spends it all on surgery (face lifts etc). We moved to Spain when my dad had a job offer, my mum used to be in her school cheer team so is determined I am captain of the school team but I dont want to be. My Friends Long –term: all cheerleaders New friends: covi My Style Usually a cheer leaders outfit, but other times, very casual, sink into the background clothes. My talentsSmart, good dancer

8 Character NameCharlotte Actor NameClaudia Who I am Member of the glee club who doesnt stand out, I dont have many friends but like the ones I have. Back Story Ive been in the European School forever and have always been a little insecure, I dont like taking sides in fights and agree to what people say. Secretly would like to shine a little more. My Friends The glee club members are my friends, specially Daniel. I dont really like Antonia, but am polite to her. My Style I love singing love songs, but like all kinds of music. I dont dress very flashy buy have style and look after myself. My talentsAppearing invisible to people and secretly, singing.

9 Nombre del personaje Paris Nombre del actorAlejandra Quien soySoy la líder de las animadoras, popular y simpática Mi historia Mi madre es diseñadora de moda trabaja en una revista de modelos y mi padre es director de una gran empresa. Se quieren mucho aunque a veces se pelean. Era la reina de mi casa hasta que nació mi hermana pequeña. Mis amigosMis amigas son las animadoras pero sobre todo Megan que es mi mejor amiga. Mi estilo Me encanta el uniforme de las animadoras aunque cuando no estoy entrenando tambien me gustan las mini faldas y los vestidos cortos. Siempre llevo ascesorios conjunto con mi ropa. Mis talentosAnimar y bailar

10 Nombre del personaje Clover Nombre del actorMaëlle Quien soyAdolecente muy popular, me relaciono muy bien con la gente y soy muy extrovertida. Mi historiaMis padres siempre están trabajando, siempre están de viaje y casi nunca los veo. Siempre me pongo triste y cuando ven que estoy así para intentar consolarme siempre hacen lo que quiero. Mis amigosMe caen muy bien todo el grupo de la animadoras. Pero las que mejor, Paris, Megan y yo, nos llevamos súper bien. Mi estiloEstoy loca por los pintauñas, me encantan, de todos los colores. Me gustan muchos lo vaqueros cortos. Me gustan mucho los pendientes. Soy animadora pero también se me da bien cantar. Mis talentosBailar y hacer amigos, soy súper abierta con la gente.

11 Character NameLiz Actor NameCovi Who I amHigh school student Back StoryI have always studied at the European school. Never been popular just a normal girl who doesn´t hang out with popular ones but I start doing it with Poppy and Elissa my two new, very good friends. I have two brothers which I sometimes hate. My mum has the thinking that you get better marks in girls schools so she thinks about it with my dad who I really never see, and I can´t tolerate my mum in taking my friends away. My FriendsLong –term: Carlota New Friends: Elissa and Poppy My StyleI usually wear casual clothes but I also wear modern, with lots of accessories such as belts and hair bands. My talentsVery intelligent, quite good dancer.

12 Character Name Alice Actor NameMaja Who I am Good student, popular, i love fashion and dancing is my favorite! Back Story I went trough primary always wanting to dance but never could! I arrived in the cheerios and dancing is my life i also took part in a choir a few years ago. My parents are together but mostly working! My Friendslong term-Poppy,Elissa Aquaintainces-dancer Mike Sam, Faye and Nina Others-Johanna, Maelle My Stylei love hip-hop dance! i can't live without music, i'm a fashion lover and i like to sing!. My talentsGreat Dancer, good friend

13 I love classical music but anything my daughter sings is wonderful. Character NameShirley Actor NameClaudia Who I amMother of Antonia, and am married to John. Back StoryI live my life for my husband and my daughter. I do anything I can so that my daughter has everything she needs and deserves, even if that means moving cities or even countries. My FriendsLong –term: My Blackberry, my husband and of course my daughter. My StyleI dress as any usual mum in a high society dresses. My talentsSewing and applauding at my daughters concerts.

14 Character NameSimon Actor NameAlonso Who I amIndependent, not too popular. Have a hidden side. Back Story Interested in joining the Glee club, because my friend Daniel is too, but haven't got the talent others have. Enjoy listening to rap and dancing my own way. I live alone with my father. I have to take care of myself, so not much time left to study. My marks aren't great, I am not stupid though, as I work really hard. I am quite independent and care for my close ones. My FriendsLong–term: Daniel New Friends: I try to befriend Mike, but he won't have it. My StyleI enjoy rap music and dance it privately, but I don't look like one. I usually wear worn-out clothes. Signature piece of clothing is my hat. I love my hat. My talentsLoyal friend, good dancer, dedicated.

15 Character NameKatherine Actor NameAlba H. Who I am No me abro fácilmente a la gente, por inseguridades procedentes del pasado, puedo ser muy antipática cuando me conviene, pero leal con mis amigos. Back Story Vengo de una familia con problemas económicos y personales, con una madre que no hace más que beber y un padre que casi nunca está en casa. Toda mi vida he vivido en Alicante, pero a los 14 años a mis padres les retiraron la custodia y ahora vivo con otras chicas en una familia de acogida. My FriendsAlba J, Lola... All members of my Glee club (competition choir). My StyleI like black clothes, and converse, and striking t-shirts. My talentsGreat singer, good friend if I like the person.

16 Character Name Freya Lott Actor Name Faye Roscoe Who I am I'm quite an observant person, I like to get to know people before I open up to them. I'm very outgoing and can be a bit loud at times; some of my friends say I'm a bit insane. I love singing, writing music, listening to music, photography, reading and going out with my friends. Back Story Before I moved to Spain, I went to a school in England. I didn't like it there because I didn't have much in common with the people in my class. The school had no singing clubs, auditoriums and they didn't even have a library. I moved to Spain 7 years ago and I'm quite happy here. I have made new friends, learnt new languages and gained confidence in singing once I joined the choir. I live with my parents and my annoying brother, Jack. He's seventeen. I don't get on with him because he's always teasing me about being in a 'silly little singing club'. My Friends I'm not very popular but I'm happy with the friends I have. My closest friends are from the choir. I'm currently single. My Style I don't really have a particular style as I like to wear different clothes depending on my mood but I quite like indie clothes. My talents Singing and Photography.

17 Character NameChantelle Actor NameKristin Who I amA new student at school Back Story Im a conceited teenager, a little too appreciated by my parents. New student in the European School, expecting to be popular and loved, like it had been in the old school. Im bossy, but I soon realise that everyone else has a talent too. My FriendsI try to be friends with Daniel. My Style I love little details in my outfits. Its all kind of posh. My talentsSinger

18 Nombre del personaje Alexia (competition choir) Nombre del actorLola Quien soy Soy una buena estudiante, siempre tengo que ser la mejor en todo. Debajo de la buena chica hay una rebelde que quiere salir. Mi historia Mis padres me exigen mucho, como buenas notas en todo, buena conducta… Eso funcionó cuando era niña, pero ahora quiero ser yo misma y no la que los demás quieren que sea. Lo manifiesto a través del baile, aunque a mis padres les parece que es una pérdida de tiempo. Mis amigos A veces puedo ser muy mandona, por eso no tengo muchos amigos. Pero la poca gente que sabe bien que soy le agrado mucho. Mi estilo Soy la típica empollona deportista que tiene que ser la mejor en todo. Visto chic, aunque cuando no hay nadie cerca prefiero un estilo más roquero. Me importa mucho lo que la gente piensa de mi, aunque solo al principio. La música para mi es un reto, ya que no canto muy bien. El baile es mi via de escape. Mis talentosBailar, el deporte y las mates.

19 Character NameAna Actor NameMónica Fernández Who I amSingle mother, lonely, has one daughter. Back Story I was married. I had a husband and a beautiful daughter, when he left us for a women much younger than me. My Friends--------- My Style Elegant sophistication My talentsGreat cooker

20 Nombre del personaje (competition choir) Rebecca Nombre del actorMónica Fernández Quien soy Adolescente con una chispa de rebelde y con caracter, pero también trabajadora. Recientemente se ha mudado a Alicante y va a una nueva escuela. Allí se ha dado cuenta del talento que tenia y su pasión por cantar. Mi historia Tengo todo lo que una chica desearía tener (dinero, ropa..). Pero mis padres se me presionan mucho para ser lo que ellos quieren que sea, pero desde que descubrí el glee club de mi escuela mi pasión es cantar y sin permiso de mis padres me he inscrito en las estatales para aplastar los de la Escuela Europea. Mis padres piensan que estoy loca y ya no me hablan, pero cuando vean lo que valgo se darán cuenta del error que hicieron. Mis amigos Mi mejor amiga es (someone of the choir e.g; alba.J) Pero en realidad mis amigos es todo el coro por muchas veces que me hagan perder los nervios … Mi estilo Me gusta el pop-rock. Voy siempre con un estilo chic y la prenda que nunca me puede faltar es un gorro como en la foto que hay mas abajo (slouchy beret). Mis talentosCanto bien y no me considero MUY inteligente pero tampoco tonta.

21 Character NameDeclan Actor NameSebastian Who I amA member of the competition choir Back StoryI dont have a back story My FriendsI dont no My StyleI love blues,jazz and pop My talentsGreat singer,

22 Character NameMichaela Actor NameMarina Who I amRich kid but abandoned, I know nothing about my past and Im curious about it Back Story I was abandoned at the age of 6 and live with my rich grandparents, they love me but when I ask about my past they become angry, therefore I know nothing about my childhood. I sometimes sing when nobody is watching. Im not really confident about myself but when I start singing at the glee club, I do become confident enough. Some people may think Im unfriendly because Im not really opened at first. The glee club helps me to be much more social. My Friends Long –term: Ashley, Zoe? New Friends: Cameron Doesnt really like Jennifer, really likes Daniel My Style My personality is not really shown in my style. I dress kind off posh but thats just how Im told to dress. If I had my own way, Id dress up as Zoe; that kind of style, only if I had the courage too. My talentsWhen people get to know me, Im really kind and helpful. I quite good at singing and when I get loose on stage I can dance and just be myself. I always express myself by singing and I have the talent to write songs to show the way Im feeling at that moment.

23 Nombre del personaje CECE Nombre del actorVictoria Quien soyAdolescente a la que le encanta cantar y desea ganar en todos los concursos Mi historia Desde pequeñita quiero será actriz o cantante, y tengo amigos que también y deseo cumplir mi sueño con ellos. Mis amigosLes quiero un mogollón y quiero a todos igual. Mi estilo Me encanta llamar la atención, por eso siempre voy muy fashion con lentejuelas y cosas brillantes. Mis talentosCantar, bailar y actuar

24 Nombre del personaje JUANA Nombre del actorVictoria Quien soySoy la abuela de Gemma, soy dulce y comprensiva. Mi historiaMi hija tiene muchos problemas con su hija y su marido, y quiero ayudarla en todo. Mis amigosTengo amigos lejanos pero lo que mas me importa es estar con la familia. Mi estilo Bueno, mi estilo ya es un poco antiguo, visto con faldas largas con camisas que ya no se llevan… Mis talentosHacer punto, hago muchas bufandas…

25 Nombre del personaje Brenda Nombre del actorSofía Quien soyAnimadora popular, Cantante en el Glee Club (Santana) Mi historia Mis padres son medicos. Soy una chica caprichosa y mimada, aunque me encanta llamar la atencion. Yo queria ser la animadora lider asique mi vida estudiantil no era del todo buena claro que gracias a mi inteligencia no era de lo peor. Por ser animadora yo soy mejor que todos pero aun asi tengo fama de molestar a los chicos mas timidos.Entre al Glee Club para ayudar a mi amiga Quinn y espiar para Sue, pero rapidamente me encariñe con el club. Mis amigosTengo pocos pero tampoco los necesito pero para mi Britanny es muy importante. Mi estilo Soy bastante pija pero alavez Rebelde, me gusta llevar cosas diferentes a los demas. No suelo vestir ne negro porque es un color bastante triste. Mis talentosCantar, Bailar no se me da mal y tambien soy bastante inteligente.

26 Character NameIngrid Actor NameAmanda Who I amGerman mum of two children Back StoryI come from a quite wealthy family and I try to make our life as comfortable as I am able to My FriendsOther parents from the ES My Styleconservative, casual (polo shirt and jeans) My talentsI keep the family together and I am a really hardworking housewife

27 Nombre del personaje Sue Nombre del actor Amanda Quien soyMean sport teacher (trainer of the cheerios?) Mi historiaI was bullied as a kid and now I try to make the childrens` life as miserable as mine was Mis amigosI seems like I dont want to have any but I would actually really like to have some, I am just scared of being fooled. Mi estiloSporty, casual Not very feminine But I would like to be sexier Mis talentosTreating people like mean and make them feel really bad

28 Character NamePauline Actor NameJosephine Who I am I am a normal Student. I make fun of the Glee club kids because I secretly envy them for their courage to stand up and be different, I like art and designing. Back Story My parents are divorced and my dad lives in a different city. I dont see him very often. We have some money problems, but I dont tell that around at school. My Friends I get on well with some people but I dont have a best friend, I try to be with the popular girls. My Style I were casual style. Nothing to expensive and a bit grown up, nothing what sticks out to much. My talents Drawing, designing

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