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1 R2-2A Apuntes #1 REFLEXIVE VERBS

2 I). To say that people or . you use REFLEXIVE VERBS! do something to for themselves doing *In other words, the person the action is also the action. receiving *Reflexive verbs mean that the action remains with the subject *Por ejemplo: washing one’s hands brushing one’s hair me lavo las manos me cepillo el pelo se *You know that a verb is reflexive if its infinitive form ends with Ejemplos: acostarse, secarse, bañarse, ducharse, etc. *”SE” does not go away with conjugations . . . you replace it with a reflexive pronoun reflexive pronouns me, te, se, nos, os *The in Spanish are and

3 secarse os secáis me seco nos secamos te secas se seca se secan

4 Ejemplos: 1. I go to bed late. 2. I get up early. 3. I get ready for school. 4. I brush my teeth. 5. I fix my hair. 6. I get dressed. Me acuesto tarde. Me levanto temprano. Me preparo para la escuela. Me cepillo los dientes. Me arreglo el pelo. Me visto.

5 reflexive & non-reflexive forms
II). Some verbs have both and usages. *Non-reflexive verbs are used if the action is being done to someone or something else! 1. I put on clothes. 2. I put the homework in my locker. Me pongo la ropa. Yo pongo la tarea en mi armario. 3. We get ready for school. 4. We get dinner ready. Nos preparamos para la escuela. Nosotros preparamos la cena. Mi mamá se despierta a las seis. 5. My mom wakes up at 6:00. 6. My mom wakes my brother up. Mi mamá despierta a mi hermano.

6 III). When you use the reflexive verb with parts of the
body or clothing the definite article (el, los, la, las) Ejemplos: 1. She always polishes her nails. 2. Felipe puts on his shoes. 3. I shave my legs. 4. They dry their hair. 5. We cut our nails. 6. You (tú) wash your face. Ella siempre se pinta las uñas. Felipe se pone los zapatos. Me afeito las piernas. Se secan el pelo. Nos cortamos las uñas. Te lavas la cara.

7 IV). Reflexive pronouns are placed
or if there is a second verb. BEFORE the conjugated verb attached to the infinitive Ejemplos: 1. I am going to take a shower. 2. You (tú) have to get dressed quickly. 3. She needs to put on make-up. 4. They ought to shave. 5. We prefer to get up late. 6. You (Ud) plan to brush your teeth. Me voy a duchar. Voy a ducharme Te tienes que vestir rápidamente. Tienes que vestirte rápidamente. Se necesita poner maquillaje. Necesita ponerse maquillaje. Se deben afeitar. Deben afeitarse. Nos preferimos levantar tarde. Preferimos levantarnos tarde. Se piensa cepillar los dientes. Piensa cepillarse los dientes.

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