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Los adjetivos demostrativos

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1 Los adjetivos demostrativos
Avancemos 2 – Unidad 2 Lección 1 I want this & this & this…

2 Los Adjetivos Demostrativos
You use demonstrative adjectives to: Point out people/things - example: I want this book *Demonstrative adjectives go BEFORE the noun they are describing. In Spanish, they must agree in gender and number with the noun. In English, we use this and these to describe things that are close. In English we use that and those to describe things that are far away.

3 Adjetivos Demonstrativos continued
this, these that, those That/those Far away Singular Este, esta Ese, esa-- Aquel aquella Plural Estos, estas Esos, esas-- Aquellos aquellas This and These have “T’s.” That and those don’t.

4 Práctica anillo (farther) Ese anillo joyas (farther) Esas joyas
recuerdos (close) llave (close) Traje de baño (close) hotel (very far) artesanías (very far) Ese anillo Esas joyas Estos recuerdos Esta llave Este traje de baño Aquel hotel Aquellas artesanías

5 Práctica Those uniforms These competitions These shoes That prize
Those (very far) entrances That (very far) market Esos uniformes Estas competencias Estos zapatos Ese premio Aquellas entradas Aquel mercado

6 Demostrativos, con’t. If you are unsure of a noun’s gender, use the neuter term: esto, eso, or aquello Por ejemplo: ¿Qué es esto? These adjectives can also stand alone as nouns (e.g. these are my sunglasses) When demonstrative adjectives became nouns, an accent is added to the first vowel Por ejemplo: Éstos son mis anteojos de sol

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