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Presentación del tema: "METRO DE SANTO DOMINGO (LINEA #1)"— Transcripción de la presentación:


SOBREPRECIO PAGADO POR GOBIERNO DEL PLD A LA ALSTOM EN LA COMPRA DE VAGONES DE LA LINEA #1 DEL METRO DETALLE DE CONTRATOS DE COMPRA A LA ALSTOM METRO DE SHANGAI, CHINA METRO DE SANTO DOMINGO (LINEA #1) Monto del contrato de compra (euros) 210,000,000.00 92,500,000.00 Cantidad de vagones “Metropolis” 246 57 Precio pagado por vagón (euros) 853,658 1,622,807 (US$, 1 euro = US$1.33) 1,135,365 2,158,333 Sobreprecio pagado por Gbno. PLD por vagón (US$) 1,022,968 Sobreprecio pagado por Gbno. PLD por vagón (RD$, 39.15) 40,049,197 PLD por 57 vagones (RD$) 2,282,804,240.00

SOBREPRECIO PAGADO POR GOBIERNO DEL PLD A LA ALSTOM EN LA COMPRA DE VAGONES DE LA LINEA #2 DEL METRO DETALLE DE CONTRATOS DE COMPRA A LA ALSTOM METRO DE SINGAPUR METRO DE SANTO DOMINGO (LINEA #2) Monto del contrato de compra (euros) 240,000,000.00 101,885,005.80 Cantidad de vagones “Metropolis” 204 45 Precio pagado por vagón (euros) 1,176,471 2,264,111 (US$, 1 euro = US$1.33) 1,564,706 3,011,268 Sobreprecio pagado por Gbno. PLD por vagón (US$) 1,446,562 Sobreprecio pagado por Gbno. PLD por vagón (RD$, 39.15) 56,632,902.20 PLD por 45 vagones (RD$) 2,548,480,599.00



6 La gente opina que con el dinero de la sobrevaluación en la compra de los vagones del Metro de Santo Domingo, pudimos construir 20,000 viviendas para los pobres, y beneficiar a unas 100,000 personas... …Diandino prefirió levantar esta majestuosa y lujosa torre y centro comercial en la Ave. Tiradentes con Gustavo Mejía Ricart y se hizo aprobar una resolución del ADN que lo exonera de impuestos hasta el final de tiempos.


8 Shanghai awards Alstom to supply 246 metro cars for a total amount of €210 million
Shanghai Shentong Holdings Group, the operator and owner of Shanghai’s metro network, has awarded Alstom Transport and its Chinese partner Puzhen to supply 246 metro cars for Shanghai’s Mass Transit Line 10. The contract is worth a total of €210 million. Alstom’s consolidated share of the contract amounts to €66 million. The consortium also includes SATEE, the Alstom Transport joint-venture that specializes in traction equipment in Shanghai. The contract involves 41 six-car Metropolis trainsets. Alstom Transport is responsible for the design and validation of the first trainset, supply of traction system, auxiliary power supply kits, the Train Control and Monitoring System and associated technical services. Puzhen is in charge of 21 trainsets’ manufacturing, testing, commissioning and warranty. Another 20 trainsets will be manufactured in Shanghai Alstom Transport Co. Ltd. (SATCO), Alstom’s another JV in Shanghai. The delivery of the 41 six-car Metropolis trainsets is scheduled for the end of 2010. Alstom has been a supplier to Shanghai Shentong Holdings Group since Jointly with Puzhen and SATCO, Alstom Transport has been awarded a large number of Metropolis contracts, including Shanghai Mass Transit lines 1 extension, line 2 extension, line 3, 5, 6, and 8, as well as the Nanjing metro network, gaining wide-spread recognition in the mass transit industry in China. Alstom will continue to work closely with its local partners to make continuous efforts in the development of China’s mass transit system. About Alstom Transport 
A promoter of sustainable mobility, Alstom Transport develops and markets the most complete range of systems, equipment and service in the railway market. With a market share of 18% and sales of 5.3 billion euros, the company is no. 1 in the high and very high speed train sector and ranks second worldwide in the urban transport market, regional trains, signalling, infrastructure equipment and all associated services. 
The growing complexity of technical solutions and infrastructure projects is leading increasing numbers of customers to demand complete solutions. Present in over 60 countries, with 26,000 employees, Alstom Transport’s strength lies in its ability to manage entire transport systems Press contact: Jenny ZHANG                                                                        Jiazhong MEI 
Tel. :                                                       Tel. :                           

9 Alstom to deliver first metro train in Dominican Republic
Alstom SA announced it has won a contract from Dominican government to supply three of its Metropolis metro trains for Santo Domingo, for 92.5 million euros. A total 57 cars will be delivered for the metro project, whose first line is scheduled to open in early Alstom officials had said it was shortlisted for the order in March. This order is part of the government's development program to meet the increasing demand for public transport and reduce road traffic congestion in Santo Domingo. The trainsets will run on the first line of the capital's new metro system, which is currently under construction, and will connect Villa Mella (north of the city) with La Feria (south of the city). Three ALSTOM sites will be involved in this project : Alstom's site in Charleroi, Belgium, will be in charge of the manufacture and integration of the traction systems. Alstom's site in Le Creusot, France, will provide the bogies. Alstom's site in Barcelona, Spain, will be responsible for the car manufacture and assembly. According to the company, more than 1,700 Metropolis trains are in service in cities such as Barcelona, Warsaw, Singapore, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile.

10 Alstom to supply 34 Metropolis trains and signaling upgrade to Singapore metro
A total of 18 trainsets of 6 cars will be delivered starting from 2015. 01/02/2012 The Land Transport Authority of Singapore has awarded Alstom a contract worth around €240 million to provide new trains for two metro lines, the Circle Line (CCL) and North East Line (NEL), along with signaling upgrade for both lines.  18 six car-trains will be delivered to NEL whereas 16 will be supplied to CCL. Delivery is to start in These additional trains will boost capacity of Singapore metro, in order to meet a growing demand which has increased from 1.78 million passengers in 2009 to over 2 million Part of Alstom’s Metropolis range, these driverless metros will be designed in Alstom sites of Valenciennes, Le Creusot (France) and Sesto (Italy). They will be manufactured in China-based Alstom sites, SATCO (Shanghai Alstom Transport Co. Ltd) and SATEE (Shanghai Alstom Electrical Equipment Co. Ltd). They are a modernized version of the trains currently in service on CCL and NEL, also provided by Alstom. These projects show Alstom’s expertise in interfacing our technology with existing infrastructure and meeting customer expectations. We are very proud to be part of these projects as they will provide greater transportation convenience to many passengers in Singapore”, declared Henri Poupart Lafarge, President of Alstom Transport. About Alstom Transport  A promoter of sustainable mobility, Alstom Transport develops and offers the most comprehensive range of systems, equipment and services in the rail sector. Alstom Transport manages all aspects of transport systems, including rolling stock, signaling and infrastructure, as well as offering its clients turnkey solutions. In , Alstom Transport posted sales of €5.6 billion. Alstom Transport is present in over 60 countries and employs 25,500 people. About Alstom Metropolis  In fulfilling this contract, Alstom will draw on its expertise in the area of metro. One in four metros presently in operation in the world is an Alstom metro. In total, more than 4,000 Metropolis coaches have been sold across the world in cities such as Barcelona, Warsaw, Budapest, Istanbul Singapore, Shangai, Nanjing, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Santo Domingo and Panama. Press Contacts  Christine Rahard, Isabelle Tourancheau 
Tel /39 95 Karen Brouiller

11 Alstom delivers the first Metropolis train sets for Line 2 of Santo Domingo metro
The first two Metropolis train sets for Santo Domingo metro Line 2 left Alstom’s factory in Barcelona (Spain) and were shipped to the Dominican Republic on March 28th. The ship will arrive in Santo Domingo at the beginning of April, with the metro line due to be put into service during the year. Made up of three coaches each, these Metropolis metro trains are equipped with air conditioning, video surveillance and passenger information systems. They also offer improved access for disabled people. Each of the trains can accommodate up to a maximum of 617 passengers (518 people, plus 2 disabled areas). Santo Domingo operator OPRET awarded Alstom Transport in 2010 a contract for the design, manufacture and putting into service of 15 Metropolis train sets for its second metro line. This contract completes the previous one, signed in 2006, for the supply of 19 Metropolis train sets for Line 1. Measuring 21 kilometers in length, the Line 2 of Santo Domingo metro will cross the city from east to west, connecting Los Alcarrizos to San Luis, with an interchange with Line 1 at Juan Pablo Duarte. The 20 stations on the line will serve the main commercial centres, the universities and office districts in the city. The opening of the line is expected to contribute to solve the public transport problems that currently exist in Santo Domingo, by significantly reducing congestion in the capital.
 About Alstom Transport A promoter of sustainable mobility, Alstom Transport develops and markets the most complete range of systems, equipment and services in the railway sector. Alstom Transport manages entire transport systems, taking in rolling stock, signalling and infrastructure, and offers “turnkey” solutions. Alstom Transport recorded sales of 5.6 billion euros in the fiscal year Alstom Transport is present in over 60 countries and employs 25,500 people.

Press Contacts: Alstom Brazil & LAM: Mariana Maciel - / Tel.: (5511) 
Alstom Spain: Irma Aguado Carranza - / Tel 
Alstom Transport: Riccardo Pierobon - / Tel

12 Alstom signs a 101 million euro contract to supply Santo Domingo metro with 15 train sets
CNA / Ismael Peracaula Santa Perpetua de Mogoda (ACN).- Alstom and the Dominican operator OPRET signed a 101 million euro contract to extend Line 2 of the Santo Domingo metro by 15 train sets, with 3 wagons per unit, totaling 45 wagons. The contract also includes the maintenance of the units, as well as an option for 6 additional train sets. Alstom supplied Line 1 of the Santo Domingo metro with 19 units in The new cars will be designed and fabricated in Alstom’s industrial centre, located in the Catalan municipality of Santa Perpetua de Mogoda, in the Valles Occidental county, in Barcelona’s metropolitan area. The area has become an important pole for train exports in Spain. It has already supplied material for the London, Washington DC, Shanghai and Santo Domingo metros. The trains are based on Alstom’s ‘Metropolis’ platform. Each train set is comprised of 3 cars. However, the train is prepared to incorporate up to 3 additional cars in the future. The train has a capacity of 64-seated passengers or up to 617 standing. Each car can be customized to include spaces for disabled passengers, bicycles, video-surveillance systems, smoke detectors and air conditioning systems. Alstom has sold a total of 4,000 metro cars as part of the Metropolis platform in cities such as Barcelona, Warsaw, Singapore, Buenos Aires, Santiago and Santo Domingo. Line 2 of the Santo Domingo metro will run east to west, connecting Los Alcarrizos with Sant Lluis. It will cross Line 1, which runs north to south and connects the Vila Mella and La Feria neighbourhoods. The network operates in the most important commercial, academic and service zones of the Dominican capital. Spanning 21 kilometers with 20 stations, the new line will transport 400,000 people daily. The project’s completion date is scheduled for early 2012. Catalan News Agency

13 ALSTOM Y LA CORRUPCION Investigaciones por corrupción
El 8 de diciembre del 2005, las autoridades mexicanas (Secretaría de la Función Pública) impuso una penalidad de US$27,000 y descalificó a la Alstom para obtener contratos del Gobierno Federal durante dos años, después que se reveló que la compañía había realizado depósitos a cuentas en el extranjero del Director General y Sub-Director para ganar contratos por valor de US$2.8 millones. El 6 de mayo del 2008 las autoridades de Francia investigaron a la Alstom después que el Wall Street Journal reportó que la empresa había pagado cientos de millones de dólares en sobornos para ganar contratos en Asia y América del Sur entre 1995 y Las autoridades francesas dijeron que la investigación fue el resultado de información provista por el Gobierno de Suiza en mayo del Alstom inicialmente negó de que estuviese bajo investigación por sobornos en referencias a contratos en Asia y América del Sur. En un caso, el Wall Street Journal alegó que la Alstom pagó US$6.8 millones (£3.5 millones) en sobornos para ganar un contrato de US$45 millones para expandir el Metro de Sao Paulo.

14 MarketWatch Alstom said to face cash-for-contracts bribery probe
May 06, 2008|MarketWatch HONG KONG (MarketWatch) -- Alstom SA, the Paris-based engineering giant, is being investigated by French and Swiss authorities for allegedly paying bribes to win contracts in Asia and South America, according to a media report. The investigation relates to Alstom dealings in two regions between 1995 and The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday, citing people with knowledge of the investigation. Swiss police met with their Brazilian counterparts last week in relation to $6.8 million in payments Alstom officials are suspected of making to win a $45 million contract to supply equipment for a Sao Paulo subway expansion, The Journal reported. The report said investigators are also examining $200 million in payments Alstom made in connection with a hydroelectric project in Brazil. Payments relating to projects in Venezuela, Singapore and Indonesia are also under investigation, the report said, citing documents obtained by investigators and reviewed by The Journal. In a statement, Alstom said the article is based on "hypotheses and speculation" and that no legal procedures has targeted the firm specifically. An Alstom spokesman declined to comment further. Shares of Alstom slipped 2.2% in Paris. The practice of making payments to foreign officials to secure deals was considered permissible, even qualifying for tax deductions, in many European countries until the late 1990s. The practice had been widely criticized by American multinational companies as giving an unfair advantage getting business in developing nations. Alstom rivals Siemens and ABB also have faced bribery probes. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has called upon member states to ban bribery of foreign officials since 1997. France passed laws making bribery of foreign officials a criminal office in July 2000.


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