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Conjugating Regular –ar Verbs

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1 Conjugating Regular –ar Verbs
Paso C Conjugating Regular –ar Verbs

2 Conjugating Regular –ar Verbs Dos mundos, p. 54

3 English Infinitives Spanish Infinitives
The main form of a verb is called the infinitive to wear to speak to eat to read to live to write = llevar hablar comer leer vivir escribir In Spanish, the word “to” is built into the infinitive. It’s all one word! (2 words = 1 word) In English, the verb infinitive is always 2 words, one of which is the word “to.” You’ll know it’s a Spanish infinitive because it will always end in either -ar -er –ir

4 Conjugation Conjugation just means changing the verb to show who’s doing the action (the subject) Here’s the conjugation of llevar in Spanish: The English conjugation of to wear is: Singular Plural I wear We wear llevo llevamos 1st You wear You wear llevas --- 2nd He/She/It wears They wear lleva llevan 3rd What’s different about the Spanish verbs? What do you notice about the English verbs?

5 llevar - . -ar = . llev- llev- + . = . A conjugated verb llev ar -
Think of Spanish verb conjugation like a 2 step math formula – Infinitive llevar - . minus -ar = . equals llev- stem Step 1 -o -amos -as -a an A conjugated verb Step 2 llev- Stem + . plus = . equals ending llev ar - llev o llev amos (yo) (nosotros) llev as ----- (tú) (---) llev a llev an (él/ella/ud.) (ellos/ellas/uds.)

6 This will work with other regular –ar verbs
to dance = bailar bail ar - bail o bail amos (yo) (nosotros) bail as ----- (tú) (---) -o -amos -as -a an bail a bail an (él/ella/ud.) (ellos/ellas/uds.) to sing = cantar cant ar - amos cant o cant (yo) (nosotros) cant as ----- (tú) (---) cant a cant an (él/ella/ud.) (ellos/ellas/uds.)

7 ¡Practicamos! (Let’s practice!) hablar (yo) – llegar (tú) –
(yo) -o (nosotros) -amos (tú) -as (él/ella/ud.) -a (ellos/ellas/uds.) -an (Let’s practice!) hablar (yo) – llegar (tú) – tomar (ella) – nadar (usted) – mirar (ustedes) – amar (nosotros) trabajar (él) – viajar (ellos) – pagar (ellas) – hablo - I talk - You (s. informal) arrive - She takes - You (s. formal) swim - You (all) watch - We love - He works - They (masc.) travel - They (fem.) pay llegas toma nada miran amamos trabaja viajan pagan

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