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Esp /5/12 Objective Bell work

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1 Esp /5/12 Objective Bell work Students will be able to distinguish the difference between preterite and imperfect. How can we decide when to use the preterite and when to use the imperfect?

2 Let’s Remember For actions that can be viewed as single events
PRETERITE IMPERFECT For actions that can be viewed as single events For actions that were repeated a specific number of times For actions that occurred during a specific period of time For actions that were part of a chain of events To state the beginning or the end of an action For actions that are repeated habitually Weather Attitude Age Appearance (settings/descriptions) Location Emotion Time

3 Endings PRETERITE IMPERFECT person AR ER IR yo é í tú aste iste
Él, ella, ud. ó nosotros amos imos vosotros asteis isteis Ellos. Ellas, uds. aron ieron person AR ER IR yo aba Ía abas ías Él, ella, ud. ía nosotros ábamos íamos vosotros abais íais Ellos. Ellas, uds. aban ían -Ed used to or was…

4 Frequency Words PRETERITE IMPERFECT ayer (yesterday)
anteayer (the day before yesterday) anoche (last night) el otro día (the other day) entonces (then) esta mañana (this morning) esta tarde (this afternoon) la semana pasada (last week) el mes pasado (last month) el año pasado (last year) de repente (suddenly) a veces (sometimes) cada día (every day) de vez en cuando (from time to time) generalmente (usually) muchas veces (many times) nunca (never) por un rato (for awhile) siempre (always) todas las semanas (every week) todos los días (every day) todo el tiempo (all the time) mientras (while)

5 The Break Down (in English)
Well, it was Tuesday, and I was walking through the park. As I was following a path through the trees, I suddenly fell to the ground. I tripped over a rock. I laughed to myself because I was afraid someone would have seen me fall.

6 The Breakdown Continued
If we want to say… was ___ing or used to do We use the IMPERFECT If we want to say… did once, aka talked (with the _____ed) We will use the PRETERITE

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