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Los adjetivos demostrativos

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1 Los adjetivos demostrativos
Used to describe the location of persons, places or things relative to the position of the speaker (the distance from the speaker) They always agree in number and gender with the noun they modify. Always go in front of the noun. They replace el, la, los, and las.

2 Los adjetivos demostrativos
Closer to the person you are talking to Far from both of you Close to you este estos Esta estas ese esos esa esas aquel aquellos aquella aquellas aquí acá allí ahí allá Demonstrative Adjective (this, these) (that, those) (that/those over there) Adverb (over there) (here) (there)


4 Remember!!! Demonstrative adjectives agree in # and in gender with items that the speaker is describing relative to their position. aquellos refrescos estos libros esa pluma

5 This and these both have T’s That and those don’t And if it’s something far away, that’s the one that starts with A

6 Traduce This pencil here That pencil there That pencil over there
Este lápiz aquí/acá Ese lápiz allí/ahí Aquel lápiz allá 2. These books Those books Those books over there Estos libros Esos libros Aquellos libros

7 Traduce 3. This house here That house That house over there
Esta casa aquí/acá Esa casa Aquella casa allá 4. These pens Those pens there Those pens over there Estas plumas Esas plumas ahí/allí Aquellas plumas

8 Remember! No accent marks are needed. Do not get the adjective ESTA confused with the verb ESTAR (to be). ESTA without an accent mark means THIS. Don’t forget they agree in # and gender. Ex: masculine and feminine and singular and plural.

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