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LS andina S.A. PERU.

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1 LS andina S.A PERU

2 Total population: 29 Million
Peru in numbers Total population: 29 Million Main Cities Lima million Arequipa million Trujillo thousand Cuzco thousand Size:1’250,000 Sq Km


4 Neighboring Countries
North: Colombia Easr & South: Peru West: Pacific Ocean NORTH :Ecuador & Colombia EAST : Brasil & Bolivia SOUTH: Chile WEST : Pacific Ocean

5 ECONOMIC INDICATORS Annual Inflation Rate: 6.00%
Active Interest Rate: % Pasive Interest Rate: %

6 ECONOMIC INDICATORS Open Unemployment: 7.00% Under employment: 40.00%
Minimum wage: USD 350 Foreign Debt: USD 28 Billion

7 Entorno Macroeconomico
A pesar de una economia relativamente estable, mas del 50% de la poblacion total se encuentra en un nivel de pobreza, con ingresos aproximados de US$150 mensuales. Crecimiento del PBI prinicipalmente por exportaciones... Tendencia inflacionaria decreciente... Ratio Crecimiento PBI Inflacion Mas del 50% de la poblacion en niveles de pobreza... …mientras mas del 70% gana menos de US$150/mes Peru Clases Socio-Economicas Peru Niveles Socio-Economicos 60% 1% 10% 22% US$150 30% 37% US$ 300 30%

8 COUNTRY SITUATION Official Currency: New Sol (S/.)
Annual Revaluation 6.5% GDP growth: 9.8% in 2008 Expected GDP growth in 2009: 2.0% Unemployment Rate Gradually Decreasing Purchasing Power still low Stable Democracy Total GDP: USD 110 billion approximately

9 Main Economic Activities
Mineral Ores & Metals Fish Meal Tourism Non-traditional goods (final consumer items) Textiles Agricultural products


11 Our Main Office in Lima

12 Our Mission To satisfy our customer needs by means of bringing them closer to first quality products from worldwide recognized brands and backed by extremely prestigious companies. To assure the leading edge in everything we do working hard with enthusiasm and effort to indulge our customer base with our trade mark customer service.

13 Our Organization Incorporated in Lima, Peru in 1,991
Fully owned by LS Andean Trading Corporation – Miami Florida USA Employs: 135 Sales Force: 65 Sales Offices in: Lima, Piura, Chiclayo, Cajamarca, Trujillo, Iquitos, Huancayo, Ica, Arequipa, Cuzco. Nationwide Sales Network: 340

14 Structure

15 Organization Chart

16 Personnel Structure CEO General Manager Financial Manager
Commercial Manager Trade Marketing Logistics Systems Sales Supervisors Sales personnel Merchandisers Administrative personnel Operations personnel

17 Our Infrastructure Seven Trucks Nine cars
Warehouses in Lima-Callao with a total of square feet of warehousing space Nine Sales Offices in the Provinces State of the art IT systems

18 Imported Product Lines
BAUDUCCO: Panetone, cakes, toasts, bakery BORGES: Olive Oil – SPAIN BRACHS: Confectionery - USA CLOROX INT’L: Disinfectants, etc – USA CLOROX CHILE: Clorinda Brooms – CHILE HERSHEY INT’L: Chocolate, confections – USA HERSHEY DO BRASIL: Chocolate JUST BORN: Mike & Ike, candy NESTLE: Wonka, candy – USA SAINT DALFOUR: Jams – FRANCE SWEET’N LOW: Sweeteners – UK HARIBO: Gummies – SPAIN TROPICAL: Confectionery – GUATEMALA WRIGLEY: Chewing gum – USA

19 Domestic Product Lines
Gloria: Dairy products, Refreshments Montesierpe: Pisco ALICORP: Cookies Beberash: Cold Teas L’Onda: Juices


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