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Provision of Customs Services

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2 Provision of Customs Services
Project PROSPECT Provision of Customs Services Prepared by : International Brokers Barrera Berlanga 2011

3 Index Index Page I.- Presentation 1
II.- General Information 3 III.- Our Organization 8 III– a). In Piedras Negras, Coah. III– b). In Eagle Pass, Tx. IV.- Proposal 12 IV – a). Imports by Land Clearance - FFCC. IV – a). Exports by Land Clearance - FFCC. V.- Competitive Adantages of the Port of Piedras Negras 20 VI.- Our Facilities 22 VII.- Trade References 33 VIII.- Bank References 38 IX.- Our Staff 40

4 P R E S E N T A T I O N 1 1

5 Presentation THE FOREIGN TRADE of our country, where ______________ is a fundamental part, requires US/MX Customs Brokerage ready and willing to face challenges that the future holds, with a world-class vision and profile. TODAY, Custom Brokers are vital factors to access and retain higher levels of industrial participation, economical and commercial. A challenge of shared responsibilities that Grupo Barrera Berlanga understand and agree, with the concern of growth in our country. Grupo Barrera Berlanga, is an international company experienced and committed to the develpment of trade and hereby wish to express our interest to support and participate with you, with our comprehensive global service quality that meet your current and future needs allowing you to operate with maximum efficiency, for which, we submit for your consideration this proposal that also saves you money, relieves errors and improves communication and information functions. 2 2


General Information GRUPO BARRERA BERLANGA A.A. Barrera Berlanga S.A. de C.V. Patent : 1381 Zaragoza 407 Sur 4to piso Piedras Negras, Coah. Tel. 01 (878) Fax. 01 (878) A.A. Barrera Berlanga Inc Patent:KE1 1016 Adam Circle Industrial Park. Eagle Pass, TX Ph. 001(830) Fax. 001(830) 4 4

General Information GRUPO BARRERA BERLANGA Transportes Barrera Berlanga CAAT 00314 Zaragoza 407 Sur 4to piso Piedras Negras, Coah. Tel. 01 (878) Fax. 01 (878) Comercializadora Barrera Berlanga S.A. De C.V. Zaragoza 407 Sur 4to piso Piedras Negras, Coah. Tel. 01 (878) Fax. 01 (878) 5 5

9 General Information 6 6
Z A R G O S T H I D A L G O S T General Information Agencia Aduanal Barrera Berlanga. Zaragoza #407 Sur 4o.Piso Piedras Negras, Coah. Tel (878) Fax (878) MINA STREET DR. COSS STREET 3 FUENTE STREET 1 2 Customs Inspection Cultures Square TO INTL. BRIDGE 2 Army base 123 Stadium Note: Follow the yellow path Rail Roads Check these signs 1.- Maquiladora Littelfuse 2.- 3.- El Mirador supermarket Justice Palace - Traffic lights - Gas station Entrace to P. Negras, Turn right and follow yellow path - Oxxo corner store Rail road bridge To Cd. Acuña Airport Light blinking Road to International Bridge Nuevo Laredo 6 6

10 General Information 7 7 SAN ANTONIO TX. DOWNTOWN


12 Organization Chart Piedras Negras, Coah. Office 9 9
Ramiro González Sorter Arturo Sierra Lic. Sonia E. Berlanga Administrative Director Julieta Espinosa Administrative Manager Victorino Perez Messengero Ing. Fernando Barrera Carrillo Custom Broker Cyntia Preisser Assistant Ing. Juan Miguel Ramírez Traffic Manager vacant Traffic Assistant Manager Hugo Gonzalez Documenter Sr. Tristan Berlanga Industrial Relations Director Cesar Humberto Valdes Vacant Selene Cuadrado Admin.Facilitator Humberto Barrera Carrillo Classification Manager José Ramírez Ochoa Paola Ramos Administration Manager Gilberto Guadalajara Lic. Joaquín Godínez Traffic Assistant Manger Lic. Luis Bernal Traffic Assistan Manager Inés Alcocer Admin. Facilitator L.C. Gregoria Baltierres Accounting Manager LI Hugo Carlos Aguilar Systems Manager Ing. Industrial (Vacant) Industrial Engineering Manager Andrea Almanza Admin. Auxiliary Lic. Luis Garza Valdez Legal Advisor CAAAREM C.P. David Caudillo Tax Advisor LCE José Arnoldo Rositas 9 9

13 Organization Chart Eagle Pass, Texas Office 10 10
Warehouse Assistant Manager a Elias Armendariz Lizette Velez Administrative Assistant Industrial Engineer (vacancy) Warehouse Manager (Vacancy) Forklift operator David Alamillo Customs Agent Luis Galván Mechanic maintenance Ana Rodríguez Accounts Assistant Daniel Caballero Saul Barrera Norma Tobías Accounting advisor RB Systems Inc. Legal advisor Lic. Sonia Berlanga Administrative Manager Fernando Barrera OWNER 10 10

14 Organization Chart Partner Representatives 11 11
Fernando Barrera Custom Broker Lic. Sandra Lorena Salazar Monterrey Ing. Abel Salazar Venegas Monterrey Lic. Marilu Santacruz Guadalajara Lic. Ma. Lilia Flores Barrera Monclova Lic. Cynthia Hydeé Segura Delgado Región Laguna Gerardo D. Fernandez San Antonio, Tx. . 11 11


16 Our Proposal A).- Operational Department Import Shipments
a.1).- Office and warehouse receiving the goods and materials in Eagle Pass, Tx., permitting and facilitating the customs clearance formalities with agility and security to its destination. Our qualified staff, receives, sorts and ships imports generated in its operation. a.2).- We have two workstations in our customs agency in our warehouse receving goods from Eagle Pass, Tx., integrated personnel classification, documentation, computer equipment and laser printer, software and system motions that will allow usto draw up the paperwork and dispatch from our trucks hold the tax directly to the module, greatly reducing crossing times of traffic and providing greater secutiry in the office. a.3).- We have in our warehouse a unique base radio, allowing us to have a direct and constant communication with our agencie´s custom offices and the offices of our tranportation deparment in Piedras Negras, which allow us to enhance the efficiency of our offices. Export Shipments a.4).- Here in Piedras Negras, we have an infrastructure of equipments, systems and trained staff to coordinate technical areas, involved in the process and customs operations,which allows the development of activities efficiently and have maximum quality. 13 13

17 Proposal B).- Legal Department
b.1).- Extensions to handle raw materials, machinery and equipment to be imported to the SE b.2).- Arrange extensions to export products to the SE b.3).- PROSEC handle extensions to the SE b.4).- Prepare reports and statements Report Authority Date Annual Economy Secretariat April 30th the year immediately following May 31th year immediately following Statistical of INEGI Federal Delegation of INEGI Monthly b.5).- Manage permits, registrations, authorizations and licenses from various government agencies b.6).- Audits and reviews of customs operations to streamline and make efficient. b.7).- Training of the new rules and customs reforms. b.8).- Permanent Advisory b.9).- Legal Defense 14 14

18 Proposal C).- American Service (Warehouse)
c.1).-Internet reports, looking for cost savings in time and long distances calls for our clients, we offer consulting service via internet. Through the worldwide network of information, you may consult your shipments from the comfort of your office, getting an immediate response time to your requests for information: Some of the reports you may get are: - Reports of merchandise received and shipped to warehouse - Reports at the convenience of your company. You may select among these options for reports and consultations: - Reporting option to data ranges desire - Option to export data to Word, Excel, or print them directly to your printer. c.2).- Advise on certificates of origin c.3).- Elaboration of the reconciliation of motions (with U.S. Customs) c.4).- Cutting edge software that allow the making of motions in optimal time. c.5).- Interlocking systems of communication between the different companies (A .B. S.A. de C. V. , A. B. Inc. And your company ) that allow us to reduce operating costs. 15 15

19 Proposal Imports by Land Clearance 16
Eagle Pass, Tx. Official Customs documents made in E.P Motion elaboration of consolidated and/or final. Classification staff in Eagle Pass, Tx., warehouse. Arrival of goods Review, verification and classification of goods. Warehouse base radio frequency to offices in Piedras Negras. Reception, unloading, review and loading of goods. Stop Light Customs Random Check Imported Goods Staff to clear merchandise through U.S. __________ Border, Coah. Custom Clearance 16 16

20 Proposal Exports by Land Clearance 17
Documents and facilitative team. __________ Shipping invoices to A.A.B.B. Border, Coah. Elaboration of motion, consolidated and/or final. Staff to clear merchandise through U.S. Stop Light Customs Random Check Eagle Pass, Tx. Custom Clearance 17 17

21 User validation module reports Barrera Berlanga website
Reports via Internet Eagle Pass, Tx. Warehouse Barrera Berlanga Border, Coah. Computer in __________ Internet Warehouse server You may select among these options for reports and consultations: - Reporting option to data ranges desire - Option to export data to Word, Excel, or print them directly to your printer. User validation module reports Barrera Berlanga website Screen Report Output 18 18

22 19 19

20 20

24 Advantages of the Port of Piedras Negras
Our city is the nearest destination point among the center´s most important cities of the United States and Mexico. Our Border port has excellent road infrastructure linking it with major cities by highway and quota-free. The upgraded highway 57 allows the flow of vehicles quickly and safely for the transportation ofgoods. Highway 57 that connects Piedras Negras with Saltillo is finished with four lanes. The rail capacity of the Port of Piedras Negras is broad, allowing the transportation of cargo on a large scale that are efficient and reliable. Ferromex has a capacity of 595 cars in the yards of the station and 450 cars in the yards of Rio Escondido, this has allowed to achieve exchange of up to 1,000 cars in one day. Rail Service without vandalism and served by two railways in the U.S. and on the Mexican side. We have the international bridge Piedras Negras/Eagle Pass for the movement of ground traffic operations, which handled about 400 trucks a day. The International Bridge is rated by the U.S. Congress as one of the bridges in Mexico physically and logistically without problems, according to the study GAO/NSIAD _00_25: Better Planning Needed to Handle Growing Coordination Commercial Traffic. The Port of Piedras Negras offers speed customs clearance, as it has a highly efficient customs infrastructure that allows to provide optimal times dispatch of your goods. The Port of Piedras Negras offers cost savings by optimal times crossing their goods. We have the Customs Services 7 days a week. The City of Piedras Negras, a city without security problems, helping it to avoid the theft of their goods to leave customs. 21 21


26 Our Facilities 23
Area of more than 10,000 square feet dedicated for receiving and storing goods. 23

27 We have ´stands´ for storage of merchandise.
Our Warehouse We have ´stands´ for storage of merchandise. 24

28 Our Warehouse 25
We have a yard of more than 40,000 square feet for parking of platforms and trailers. 25

29 Office in Piedras Negras, Coah.

30 Customs Operation Office in Piedras Negras, Coah.
27 2

31 Customs Operation Office in Piedras Negras, Coah.
28 28

32 ADMINISTRATION Office in Piedras Negras, Coah. 29

33 Office in Piedras Negras, Coah.
Accouting 30 30

34 Systems Deparment Office in Piedras Negras, Coah.
31 31

35 Office in Piedras Negras, Coah.


37 Trade References 34 Company Contact Phone
Promotora de Manufacturas, S.A. de C.V. Lic. Roberto Unda Monclova, Coah. Perfitubos y Accesorios Lic. Javier Morales Steel Fab de México S.A. de C.V. Angelica Ramos Rebasa S.A. de C.V. FFCC Ing. Alfonzo Garza Master Trim de México S de R.L. de C.V. (Automotriz) Lic. Eduardo Gámez Torreón, Coah. Honda trading de México S.A. de C.V. Ing. Rodrigo Plasencia Guadalajara, Jal. Aceros corey S.A. de C.V. Gerardo Ojeda Guadalajara, Jal. Litoplast y Cía. S.A. de C.V. Lic.Mauricio Morán Naucalpan, Edo. Mex. Maquinaria Intercontinental Del Noreste S. A. De C.V. (Maquinaria) Noemí García Monterrey, N.L. 34 34

38 Trade References 35 Company Contact Phone
Equipos Ligeros del Noreste S.A. de C.V. Srita. Lorena Rojo Guadalupe, N.L. American Energy Valve Patt Elliott Houston, Tx. Tex-Part Co. Ing. Miguel Ángel Guerra Eagle Pass, Tx. Roberto Carmona Jáuregui Bolsas plásticas y flexográficas S.A. de C.V. Yanko González 35

39 Trade References 36

40 Trade References 37


42 Bank References 39 Bank Branch Contact Position
Account Phones Name HSBC 245 Lic. David de los Santos Manager Comercializadora Barrera Berlanga SA de CV Banamex 220 Lic. Jesús Martinez B.B.V.A. 0264 Lic. Carlos Tovar Account Executive Laredo National Bank ABA Efraín Ortiz A.A. Barrera Berlanga 39


44 Our Staff 41

45 Our Staff 42

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