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Gustar and Other Gustar-like Verbs Spanish 3 c.1.

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1 Gustar and Other Gustar-like Verbs Spanish 3 c.1

2 Five Keys Things that are different with Gustar-like verbs 1.It only has two conjugations: 2.It is conjugated based on what comes after it. 3. It always uses an Indirect Object Pronoun. 4. It may also use an I.O. clarifier. (a+name or prepostional pronoun) 5. The clarifier comes in front of the sentence.

3 Gustar-like verbs gustarto be pleasing to or to like fascinarto be fascinated with dolerto hurt or to be in pain convenirto be convenient or suitable encantarto love or delight faltarto be lacking or need

4 Gustar-like verbs importarto matter or be important interesarto interest molestarto bother *parecerto seem quedar (bien)to fit (well)

5 I.O Clarifiers: Le encanta nadar. He loves to swim. She loves to swim. You love to swim. Les encanta la playa. They love the beach. You love the beach.

6 I.O. Clarifiers (A + name or A + prep. pronoun) Me=a mí Te=a ti Le=a él a ella a Ud. (a Roberto) (a Lola) (a tu hermano) Nos=a nosotros -------------------------- Les=a ellos a ellas a Uds. (a Roberto y a Luis) (a Lola y a Carmen) (a mis amigos)

7 Gustar-like verbs and questions Questions using Gustar-like verbs DO NOT change in word order from a statement. ie…Te gusta el libro. ¿Te gusta el libro?

8 Practice, practice, practice 1.My family doesnt like to eat meat. 2.Spanish interests me. 3.The sweater fits me very well. 4.I need sugar for the cake. 5.Its convenient for everyone to go now. 6.The problems dont bother me. 7. Marta is interested in rap music.

9 Practice, practice, practice 1.A mi familia no le gusta comer carne. 2.Me interesa el español. 3.Me queda muy bien el suéter. 4.Me falta azúcar para el pastel. 5.A todo el mundo le conviene ir ahora. 6.No me molestan los problemas. 7. A Marta le interesa la música rap.

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