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Evens only! Warm Up Numbers Worksheet

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1 Evens only! Warm Up 1-20-08 Numbers Worksheet
Do not write on the worksheet

2 Los Anuncios para Hoy HW Textbook page 8 Activity 11
Test Friday on Time & School Items WU HW QUIZ FRIDAY

3 Los Objetivos para Hoy Recall the numbers 1-20 in Spanish.
Recall the names of body parts in Spanish. Interpret time in Spanish. Rewrite time in Spanish.

4 Time Zones

5 ¿Qué hora es? What time is it?

6 2 Verbs to Write Time With
For 1 O’Clock Es la una. It is 1:00.

7 For 2:00-12:00 Son las dos.

8 How do you write time? For the minutes 1-39
Es/Son + la/las + (hour) + y +(minute) Watch me write some examples on the whiteboard! 1:00 3:05 4:20

9 Try! 6:10 __________________________

10 How do you write AM or PM? Morning 12AM-11AM Afternoon 12PM-7PM
De la mañana Afternoon 12PM-7PM De la tarde Night 8PM-12PM De la noche

11 Examples 8:00 AM Son las ocho de la mañana 4:00 PM
Son las cuatro de la tarde. 9PM Son las nueve de la noche.

12 You Try! 9:16 AM _________________________

13 FYI Quarter after --- cuarto Half hour --- media
1:15 Es la una y cuarto. Half hour --- media 1:30 Es la una y media Midnight – la medianoche Noon – el mediodía

14 Let’s do these together.
6:30 PM 9:00 AM 3:15 PM 10:15 AM 2:05 PM 4:00 PM

15 1st Hold it up!

16 Partner Questions

17 Write these times in Spanish on your paper.
12:00 Noon 1:00 PM 7:30 AM 9:15 PM 8:10 AM 6:35 PM 10:05 PM 2:20 AM 4:12 PM 11:11 PM 6:15 AM 9:09 PM 7:11 AM

18 Salvador Dali Surrealism:
   a dream-like portrayal of an irrational arrangement of forms found in the subconscious mind


20 Did you get it? Page 8 Activity 12 #1-5 ONLY

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