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So you say you want a revolution… Using technology in the language classroom Darragh O’Grady.

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Presentación del tema: "So you say you want a revolution… Using technology in the language classroom Darragh O’Grady."— Transcripción de la presentación:

1 So you say you want a revolution… Using technology in the language classroom
Darragh O’Grady

2 Revolutionary teaching, Independent learning

3 It was just 10 years ago…

4 We had just come out of one of the most costly IT investments of all time—the Y2K scare.
It was 10 years ago

5 Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook, was in high school.
It was 10 years ago

6 Google was getting settled in its first office space after being in a garage for its first year.
It was 10 years ago

7 The phrase "Web 2.0" was 1 year old.
It was 10 years ago

8 Imagine the next 10 years
Augmented reality learning emerges Games and simulations are used for every content area Most learning incorporates use of a mobile device Expert and credibility ratings create trusted search networks *Augmented reality University of Washington’s pourable contact lenses that act as computer screens - MIT’s SixthSense: you draw a circle on your wrist with your finger and it knows you want the time. If you can’t remember someone’s name, just walk up to them and then project their Facebook profile onto your hand. -Even in prototype, SixthSense only costs $350 dollars, so imagine how many people could be using this in the future. -Implications for learning: virtual training will become more effective because of Sixth Sense’s high level of interactivity *mobile devices - Morgan Stanley estimate that Smartphones will outsell netbooks by 2010 and PCs by 2012 - mobile devices already changing face of publishing: much more common now to check newspaper headlines on your cellphone than actually buy a newspaper -People already get out their cellphones to check on Google if they aren’t sure about something - Serendipity – new software being developed inthe MIT for mobile devices which allows us to set our social network profile to alert us when we are near an expert in the topic of our choice *games and simulations - IBM and other companies are already using online roleplaying games to develop leadership and other skills: imagine how much fun it would be for our students to learn English this way! *Expert and credibility ratings create trusted search networks - University of Berkley estimates that human knowledge is now doubling every 18 months -No sooner do we train ourselves up than we become outdated -For this reason we rely more and more on search engines such as Google to find information about areas of knowledge we’re unfamiliar with -However, how do we know which search results to trust? -Search engines will let us know who from our network of friends and experts endorses certain sites – this way we can know which sites are trustworthy and which not *peer to peer learning blossoms -Think about how much you’ve learnt from your peers during this conference – sometimes you learn more from them than from the talks! -Generation Y understands that communication with peers is essential to learn -What implications does this have for our classroom practice? Peer-to-peer learning blossoms Imagine the next 10 years

9 But…

10 High school students in Mexico don’t have access to the internet.

11 They don’t like working on their own.

12 Technology in the classroom is a distraction and doesn’t help the learning process.

13 Let’s ask 145 high school students what they think…

14 1. How many hours a week do you use the internet?
Personal Study Prepa 6 UNAM (AM) 18 5.5 CECYT # 3 Ecatepec (AM) 30 10 CECYT # 3 Ecatepec (PM) 12 6 CECYTEM Tecámac (AM) 20 2.5 Universidad ETAC Bachillerato 4 18.4 5.6

15 2. What teaching tools does your teacher use?
Prepa 6 UNAM CECYT Ecatepec (AM) CECYT Ecatepec (PM) CECYTEM Universidad ETAC Audio CD player 1 Interactive Whiteboard Internet Laptop CDroms Computer lab DVD TV Projector 4 5

16 3. Do you think that technology can help you learn English?
Yes No Why? Prepa 6 UNAM 1 CECYT Ecatepec (AM) Helps you learn English; more dynamic than traditional classes CECYT Ecatepec (PM) Easier; can use it to learn vocabulary and practice your listening CECYTEM Tecámac Can use it to learn pronunciation; it's easier, more fun and more didactic Universidad ETAC Bach Lots of content & opportunities to practise 5

17 4. Are you satisfied with the current use of technology in your English classes?
Yes No Prepa 6 UNAM (AM) 1 CECYT # 3 Ecatepec (AM) CECYT # 3 Ecatepec (PM) CECYTEM Tecámac (AM) Universidad ETAC Bachillerato 5

18 5. How could your teachers improve their classes?
More speaking in class 3 More interaction between the students Use more technology in the language classroom 1 Use more technology for homework More games in class More class hours More listening

19 6. In your opinion, approximately what % of students your age have internet access in Mexico?
Prepa 6 UNAM (AM) 25 CECYT # 3 Ecatepec (AM) 60 CECYT # 3 Ecatepec (PM) 80 CECYTEM Tecámac (AM) Universidad ETAC Bachillerato 85

20 The teachers who say that it isn’t possible to use technology in the classroom should ask their schools to buy technology from funding and introduce it. It is not good enough to give up. If you leave high school and you can’t use technology you’re at a disadvantage Everybody in Mexico should have access to technology Prepa 6 unam (AM)

21 Teachers are afraid educational technology might be a distraction but if you restrict the use of the internet you can use it for the classroom. Cecyt # 3 ecatepec (AM)

22 ¡Que se informen! Universidad etac

23 Ask students if they have access to internet before assuming they don’t.
Cecytem tecámac (AM)

24 Son pretextos. Cecyt #3 (Pm)

25 High school students in Mexico don’t have access to the internet.
They don’t like working on their own. Technology in the classroom is a distraction and doesn’t help the learning process. Negative ideas teachers use in order to avoid using educational technology

26 Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham

27 Thank you – PREPA 6 UNAM Karen Salinas Juan Antonio Negrete Zaragoza
Maricarmen Lozano Rosalba Vázquez Nancy Adriana Mejía Martínez Giovanna Peña Alarcón Rodrigo Vasconcelos Alejandro Vázquez Medina Pamela S. Hollenberg Saray Reza Campuzano Arantxa Morán Vargas Olga Mariana Rodríguez Rosas Thank you – PREPA 6 UNAM

28 Thank you – cecyt # 3 ecatepec am
Kevin Alemán Reyes Juan Miguel Fonseca Hernández Lesly Martínez Monazano Samantha Irasema Calderón Franco Heriberto Romero Martínez Torga Delgado Contreras Luis A. Angeles Ramírez Daniel Castro Castro Diego A. Flores Vargaz Edilberto Mauricio Aguilar José de Jesús Uribe Lee Fernanda Fernández Marín Elías García Márquez Ilse Odeth Cuanmer Pablo Enrique Ruíz Alejandro Posada Leyva Javier Adolfo Moncayo Bravo Juan Daniel Cedillo Rojas Christian Cruz Llamas Alejandra Martínez Maldonado Janette Osorio López Karla Vianey Hernández Cruz Erick Ortíz Torres Roberto Raziel Castillo Germán Misael González Morales Thank you – cecyt # 3 ecatepec am

29 Thank you – cecyt # 3 ecatepec pm
Eduardo Navarro Lorena Stephanie Pluma Martínez Edsel Maximiliano López García Roberto Hernández Martha Gabriela Ramírez Jessica Herrera García Hugo Daniel Angeles Castro Antonio Marcial Galán Olmos Juan Carlos Rivera Vázquez Kathia Yvette Arzola Hernández Jorge Alberto Rojas Zamora José Jorge Galindo García Eduardo Iván Valdivieso Arellano Irvin Damián Torres Martínez Gibran Aquilera Rodríguez Javier Domínguez Cardoso Josué Cedeño Velázquez Eduardo Nava Jhair Antonio Vergara Aguirre Edgar Yael López Sánchez Saúl Hernández Fernando Trejo García Rafael Marroquin Fernández Rafael Hernández Mora Christian Ricardo Romero Guerrero Roxana Castellanos López Alejandro Bárcenas Rosas Sebastian Valdez Esquivel Ernesto Cárdenas Nava Abraham Diep Caballero José Juan Cruz Gómez Armando Badillo Reyes Juan Carlos Juárez Jaqueline Rodríguez Santillan Thank you – cecyt # 3 ecatepec pm

30 Thank you – cecytem tecamac am
Alan Morales Castellanos Andrea Valencia Angeles Madai González Caballero Orlando López Villanueva Kenia Velásco Bastida Ivonne González Aragón Daniel Alejandro Álvarez Gutiérrez Erik Juan Prado Sánchez Ángel Cruz Montes José Eduardo Pérez David Reyes Caballero Ángel Estuardo Ramírez Delgado Mauricio Saúl Resendiz Rebollo Andrea Marisol Martínez Arriaga Daniel Javier Mendoza Lino Jovani Mujica Rosales Bryan Yair Quintana Márquez Marco Antonio López García Roberto Gil Cortés Jorge Bravo Armando González García Santiago Gamboa Moreno Adrian Pineda Cruz José de Jesús Balderas Pedro Jiménez Jair Medina Sánchez María de los Angeles Monter Ledezma Angélica Margarota Ruíz Prieto Saúl Rubio Cerecedo María Elena Pérez Benavides Cristian Pérez Pérez Beatriz Concepción Hernández López Perla Jhovana Licona Morales Yissa Pérez Benavides Victor Laguna Casas Heriberto Hinojoso Casanueva Thank you – cecytem tecamac am

31 Thank you – universidad etac bachillerato
Karen Angélica Jiménez Castro Betzabe Carolina Jiménez Luna Luis Enrique Leyva Ramos Gonzalo Elias Lomas Rodríguez Victor Manrique Pérez Leslie Adriana Márquez Fragoso Ailyn Melo Zurita Yessica Magali Meza Félix Luz María Molina García Brisa Lizeth Montes Martínez Mónica Sheyla Navarro Luna Erika Lucero Olvera Castro Sayuri Ariadna Ortigoza Amador Daniela Yolotzin Ramírez López Karla Teresa Rodríguez López Ana Karen Rodríguez Martínez Karla Jazmin Torres Juárez Bryan Vega Rocha Genesis Villalobos Arriaga Jeniffer Acosta Oropeza Yocelin Georgina Almanza García Brandon Uriel Almendarez González Kevin Rodrigo Almeraya García Zeltzin Aketzali Canizal Tuda Jorge Alejandro Carreón Cortés Sonia Cristina Carreón García Jesús Yael Corona Miranda Alejandra Gabriela Cruces Mancilla Ingrid Montserrat Díaz González Cirene Jannet Dorantes Salazar Sandra Espinosa Rodríguez Vera Denisse Flores Hernández Hillary Patricia García Llera Amairani Betsabe Gómez Tapia Karen Areli Hernández Escamilla Mitzi Yessenia Hernández Flores Areli Vanessa Hernández Pérez Katia Carolina Herrera Padilla Thank you – universidad etac bachillerato

32 Thank you!

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