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What is The Daniel Challenge?

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1 What is The Daniel Challenge?
Why should you take the Daniel Challenge?

2 LA NUEVA VIDA La confianza en Dios Nutricion
Un poco de sol diariamente Educacion Vivir con ejercicio diario Agua Vida temperante Invierte tu tiempo en otros Descanso diario Aire puro

3 La razon por la cual usted debe continuar educandose por medio de los estudios y la lectura

4 Nosotros leemos? 1 de cada 4 americanos no leyo ni un libro el año pasado! La persona promedio lee 1-4 libros al año La tecnologia audio-visual no reemplaza la lectura

5 Estudios han demostrado
La educacion es un beneficio cuando lleva a la maestria de una habilidad, el dominio propio, y un mejor entendimiento del mundo alrededor Produce el potencial para mayor felicidad Tambien afecta directamente las oportunidades de la vida, por ejemplo, ocupacion e ingresos

6 Estudios han demostrado
La educacion puede ser mala cuando una persona se vuelve tan educada que es imposible estar satisfecho con las normas de la sociedad. Sobre-complica las situaciones. Tambien cuando su educacion establece un estandar mas alto del que pueden alcancar.

7 El efecto de la educacion en un matrimonio feliz
Estudios han demostrado que mientras mas educados estan el hombre y la mujer en una relacion, mas felices seran y su relacion tiene una mayor probabilidad de durar.

8 What is education? Education cannot be narrow
It must include health of the mind, body, and soul it must be continual and progressive

9 How can you educate yourself?
Experience Books A recent study discussed on showed that reading is an exercise of the mind that strengthens it and leads to a better memory. In comparison to watching or listening which do not stimulate the amount of senses and nerves that reading does.

10 Stress reduction Reading a book can actually cause relaxation and stress reduction. Reading in silence for just 6 minutes was shown to lower stress levels by 68%. Listening to peaceful music-61%, Taking a walk-42%

11 Reverse Depression Personal study time taken each day has been shown to alleviate depression. This is because reading or Bibliotherapy actually stimulates the frontal lobe where emotion, discernment and learning take place

12 Mental exercise Use it or Lose it...
A majority of age-related losses in memory or motor skills simply result from inactivity and a lack of mental exercise and stimulation. In other words, use it or lose it. One study of year olds showed that with consistent mental and physical exercise they were 3 times less likely to develop Alzheimers disease.

13 what should we study? Health: Mind, Body, Soul
Health: Physical, Mental, Spiritual Because these are the elements that pertain to every one of us. The Ancient Scriptures actually make a bold statement that the majority of people die due to a lack of knowledge and education of physical, mental, and spiritual well being.

14 Greeks believed strongly in this understanding
Know Thyself Greeks believed strongly in this understanding In essence we each should know all about the human body, the way in which we interact with others, and our relationship to how we got here, why we are still here, and where we are going?

15 A case for spiritual study
Many Studies show that those who are more spiritual and even those more religious are typically in a healthier state of being. They rank ‘HAPPIER’ than those who claim no belief system. The case for believing in the Creator as the Bible, the Torah, and the Quran paint is because of the foundations that history clearly defines.

16 A case for spiritual study
We should not only study the vast array of cutting edge science but we should take a closer look at principles that helped shaped civilization. The Scriptures points us to the Author of Science Himself. These principles are the foundation of the belief system of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.

17 Daniel benefited from personal study of many writings/books
DANIEL WAS SHOWN A VISION THAT HE COULD UNDERSTAND WITH SYMBOLS HE WAS FAMILIAR WITH Our story of Daniel continues with his deeper study into the meaning of not only the dream that was Neb’s with the image showing the future history of the world but Daniel was given another dream that was given to him in a way that he could actually grasp. It was shown by animals and nature rather than idols and precious medals. He is shown a great sea in convulsion and 4 beasts rise up out of the sea. Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Pagan Rome, Papal Rome and the Judgment scene begins to unfold. The key of prophecy Daniel benefited from personal study of many writings/books

18 We have a more sure word of prophecy...Today
He was unsure of the future. He appears to even have had moments of despair and depression. His studies that were spiritual in nature are what bring him out of this. He understands that someone greater than Him, that he had a personal relationship with, was still guiding in the affairs of this earth. We not only can look back to see that what God showed Daniel has all happened exactly as He said it would but also that we can look to the same source for insight on the future events that lie just before each of us. The key of prophecy We have a more sure word of prophecy...Today

19 We have nothing to fear for the future unless we forget the past and the teachings that the Author of Scripture and the God of Daniel so clearly laid out. The Scriptures make a statement that near the close of earth’s history that many would be so afraid of coming events that it would lead to heart failure and other fear and anxiety related disorders (mens hearts failing them from fear for the expectation of the things coming on the earth) we have nothing to fear

20 It will benefit our health of mind, body and soul
READ, STUDY, EDUCATE It will benefit our health of mind, body and soul Study to show thyself approved

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