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Present Tense Irregular Verbs

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1 Present Tense Irregular Verbs
Page 8 – Lección Preliminar Avancemos 3

2 Verbos Irregulares Remember that some verbs in Spanish are irregular in the first person singular of the present tense. Look at the following examples…

3 Verbos Irregulares Note that other verbs you know that are conjugated like conocer are obedecer, ofrecer, and parecer.

4 Verbos Irregulares Conocer Dar Hacer Poner Saber Salir Traer Ver Caer
Give the “yo” form… Conozco Doy Hago Pongo Salgo Traigo Veo Caigo

5 ONLY THE YO FORM The verbs you just saw are ONLY different in the YO form… the rest follow the regular conjugation.

6 Verbos Irregulares Also, there are some verbs in Spanish that are irregular in all the persons of the present tense:

7 SER – to be soy eres es somos sois son

8 HACER – to do/make hago haces hace hacemos hacéis hacen

9 DAR – to give doy das da damos dais dan

10 IR – to go voy vas va vamos vais van

11 DECIR – to say/tell digo dices dice decimos decís dicen

12 ESTAR – to be estoy estás está estamos estáis están

13 OÍR – to hear oigo oyes oye oímos oís oyen

14 TENER - to have tengo tienes tiene tenemos tenéis tienen

15 Let’s Practice 1. I go to the pharmacy every (cada) Sunday.
2. Do you hear the music? 3. They are going to score a goal. 4. He has to be very sweet. 5. We say that he likes to draw. 6. Where are you? 7. Ya’ll go to the department store to (para) buy clothes. 8. I tell the truth to my parents.

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